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About Privy Peach

Privy Peach was founded by Kim Koehler in 2018 with a mission to produce women-targeted cannabis products. The brand manufactures a range of self-care products that include Hair products, MCT Oil, and Between the Sheets that is designed to help women with traumatic sexual experiences.  The company offers a wholesale option for those wishing to buy in large quantities.

Why Choose Privy Beach

Quality Products: while Privy Peach has a limited range of products, they are made of the highest quality possible. All products are tested for purity and potency.

Lab-Testing: Privy Peach subjects its products to third-party testing to ensure consistency and quality. The company manufactures its products using good manufacturing standards.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  the brand is open to hearing out their customers regarding their problems and offering a solution. You can always contact the customer support at any time and your issue will be addressed.

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HQ Location

Littleton, Colorado


Kim Koehler, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Tobias

    The erotic oil just changes the whole set up in your head!! I used it with an vapourizer, filled the room with it, inhaled and TA -DA! I wanted a orgasm immediately! There are some good products about Privy peach awesome collection! Will check em out!

  2. James Bond

    The aphrodisiac CBD Tincture elevated the mood sightest tingling to grab my girl and head to bed.

  3. LucyRox

    Privy Peach erotic oils will turn your man into a sex-god. They enhance every sensatio for the most amazing fun between the sheets.

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