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Prohibition Gold is a Washington-based company that sells marijuana products that can be infused in beverages. The company uses exclusively Washington ingredients, distils them and refines them in order to create fine, delicious, and effective cannabis products. Users can infuse the products in foods and beverages and enjoy them in a matter of seconds.

Why Choose Prohibition Gold

All-natural products. All products offered by Prohibition Gold are natural and lab-tested for potency, strength, terpenes, as well as quality.

Dissolvable products. Prohibition Gold creates exclusively powders and sprays that dissolve in your food or beverage within seconds. This allows for instant consummation and you can enjoy the many benefits in a convenient way.

Gluten-free and vegan products. In the company’s list of products, you can find sugar-free products, too. All of their options are gluten-free and vegan, which makes them widely available for the customers.

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Prohibition Gold - what a great product. I am a big fan of this ever since I tasted it in my friends place. Today received my first order , full on excited to share the next level experience i am going to have.

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The marijuana mixer is one of its kind! I had it for the first time and already addicted to its soothing and lustrous effect. I hope they had coupons to buy more and more!!

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Devon Smith

The edible powder is my new best friend at work. It calms you down in minutes.

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Prohibition Gold brings a whole new level of fun to pizza nights. My friends still dont know how I do it.

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Since I cant smoke at work anymore, I just use the edicble spray to take the edge off.

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Miguel Suarez

So this is what relaxed feels like.

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say goodbye to sleepless nights

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Great tasting MJ spray.

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Best Marijuana mixer EVER!

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