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PSI Labs was founded in early 2015 by Ben Rosman and Lev Spivak-Birndorf. They work together to ensure that this company remains Michigan’s main testing lab for marijuana. It is a full-service cannabis laboratory and holds ISO 17025 accreditation. Furthermore, it also provides medical MMFLA and recreational MRTMA compliance testing for cultivators, provisioning centers, processors, but also adults, patients, and caregivers older than 21 years old. The lab is devoted to quality control, research, and advocacy within the local cannabis industry.

The main aim of PSI Labs is to be one of the leading laboratories in Michigan, with an indisputable reputation in the industry. And to achieve it, they have a mission of providing professional and reliable experts, having the most experience and infrastructure. Needless to say, that they strive for absolute transparency.

The company offers a wide range of services, including potency tests, on-site sampling, terpenoid profiling, mycotoxin analysis, moisture testing, and many others. It is also worth mentioning that the team that works in the laboratory is pretty trustworthy because it includes Ph.D.’s, MS, and BS.

For provisioning centers, caregivers, breeders, and product manufacturers, PSI Labs offers consultation services that help them ensure quality and compliance to current standards. By providing their data, they want to inspire people to develop the industry by implementing new science-based methods and expanding the knowledge about cannabis.

PSI Labs is accredited by ISO and offers full compliance testing for medical and recreational marijuana facilities and testing for caregivers/registry identification cardholders in Michigan state. They constantly make efforts to improve their client services, pursuing the best accuracy for their analysis.

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  1. Vivie375

    This PSI Labs is just a godsend for simple consumers like me, for those who just want to find a quality product and be confident in it. Quite good service and customer service in this laboratory. It was pleasant to work with this lab.

  2. Drew

    Friends who grow their own cannabis or something similar, ask for cooperation in this laboratory. They provide good advice and conduct detailed research on any product. The level of their work and service remains at a high level.Thats great as for me

  3. Max

    I liked using the service of this laboratory. I needed important advice, and I got it as soon as possible. what still caught my attention was the professionalism and friendly approach. Thanks to this lab, I now enjoy the results)))

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