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Pure Science Lab started with a mission “to bring organic hemp-based CBD products to the world.” After its founder Steve Pomerantz was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he found some relief as a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Due to his experience in the nutraceutical business, Steve traveled the world to find organic hemp farmers who could deliver high-concentrate hemp extracts. He forged relationships with ISO third-party labs and started manufacturing certified extracts. The manufacturer uses stems, stalks, and flowers of organically grown hemp. The vendor uses no herbicides, pesticides, and other harsh chemicals. In the production process, it uses a CO2 extraction method. Its hemp oil has a broad spectrum of natural molecules and cannabinoids. All formulas and final products are third-party labs tested and have Certificate of Analysis (COA). In respect to military people, the company gives significant discounts to both active and retired soldiers. The manufacturer is a proud member of the Hemp Industries Association.

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tinctures for sleep are best for me. This brand produces really cool drugs that help people. I have already heard many positive reviews from people, so I tried the tincture myself. They are really very effective. Thank you Pure Science Lab

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Do you have pets? I want to share my experience of using the product from Pure Science Lab. I decided to buy cbd pet sweet potato and chicken jerky cranch for my dog. And I noticed that after a few weeks my the dog became healthier and more energetic.

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The search for delicious and healthy sweets led me to this Pure Science Lab company. this brand really creates incredibly tasty products.cbd dark chocolate bar has become the number one among favorite desserts. Its exactly that sweet what I was looking for.

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Kannafreeze is my favorite product from Pure Science Lab. To kill pain with cbd pain cream was very easy. It contains potent oils which are very effective. So, now my life without pain is more brighter and interesting for me

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I want to say that today I really like that there is a company that specializes in the production of medical products. with this Pure Science Lab I forgot about my pain, and I have only to thank for it

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The feeling of anxiety did not leave me for a long time. I could not get rid of him. in addition, problems at work added a certain amount of stress. I was advised to try cbd gummies. they just saved. now Im calm and I dont remember what stress is anymore

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Caradoc Mooren

These CBD products have changed my life!

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Arthur Assenberg

The CBD products from Pure Science Lab are great! The combination of amazing quality and efficiency.

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Genevieve Janson

Their CBD gummies are superb! They work very well, and the taste is very nice. The CBD gummies helped with anxiety, pain, and sleeping issues. As soon as I started to use them, I feel very relaxed and much happier. Highly recommend people who have the same problems.

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Ophelia Garrett

Ive ordered the vape kit, but the vape didnt work at all. Ive contacted the customer service representatives to solve my issue, but the service itself wasnt so helpful and was extremely slow. I dont think that i will order any products from them. Very disappointed!

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Crawford Tobin

I love this brand! Ive bought the CBD pain cream from Pure Science Lab, and it helped me a lot to relieve the pain in my back. Very efficient and easy to use. You just need to rub on the pain spot with this cream, and within 15-20 minutes, you are gonna feel much better. This CBD cream is a life changer. Thanks to it as I feel much better.

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Mair Hooker

Ive tried several CBD products from different brands, but most of them didnt give me desirable results. I had issues with my knees and hips, so I decided to try Pure 5000mg from Pure Science Lab, and this CBD Hemp Extract helped me to relieve my pain. I would say that Im a happy customer. Im satisfied with the quality and overall results.

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Walter Coy

I was really impressed with the quality of their products. I have an arthritic autoimmune disease and the dose of CBD from Pure science gave me the chance to get my life back. Currently, I'm in the third month of treatment, and so far, I didn't have an attack. Customer service was always very helpful and responsive. Overall, great company with amazing CBD products.

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Maya Van Buggenum

Their products are quite expensive. The customer service is not as good as I was expected to be.

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