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Based in Portland, Purefectionery uses the highest-quality, natural ingredients to craft the most delicious edibles on the market. Their team is led by Robert Miller, Purefectionery’s founder, who does all the research and taste-testing. He has been active in the food industry for more than two decades, and he now brings together cuisine and cannabis.

They offer 4 main flavors for their products: mandarin citrus fruit puree for Sativa gummies, black current gummy with Indica distillate, Eclipse which is a hybrid THC distillate and RSO blend and, finally, a tropical fruit puree gummy rich in CBD.

Why Choose Purefectionery

Each Purefectionery product is rigorously tasted by quality and purity. They make some of the cleanest tasting edibles, trial-testing each flavor.

All gummies are made of delicious, high-quality fruit juices and purees. They also contain pasture-raised bovine gelatin.

Purefectionery’s founder personally tastes the products, ensuring that their flavor is nothing short of impressive. This level of quality control is unparalleled.

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User Reviews

  1. Whaley

    Purefectionery has some of the best CBD edibles I have ever tasted in my life. They have great flavors and keep you active throughout the day. A piece of the gummy is enough to get you medicated and allow you to do anything with less stress. Great products and amazing service. Highly recommend them.

  2. Oscar

    Perfection is the one word that I can use to describe this brand. They have the best tasting gummies, that are well crafted and packed to meet your needs. For a month now I have been using their products and my days have become brighter.

  3. Kivi

    I have found relief in using Purefectionery products. They are full of flavor and quite effective in making your day brighter. Each time I come across their products from my dispensary I grab as much as I can. My house is full of people who love these gummies. I highly recommend these guys.

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