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About Rainforest Organix

Rainforest Organix is sustainable and licensed by OLCC producer and grower founded in 2009. As a medical and recreational weed dispensary located in Breckenridge, Colorado, they specialize in making the best hand-crafted products from the highest quality cannabis. Rainforest Organix is a biodynamic company that believes in the organic quality of the cannabis industry. Their indoor production checks all the standards, having the perfect temperature regulator and good soil that nourish the flowers and ensure a healthy plant.

Why Choose Rainforest Organix

They have diverse strains and try to create different varieties of aromas and flavors, ideal for a wide range of preferences and needs.

Their approach is eco-friendly and environmentally-oriented while maintaining high standards and quality levels while growing and harvesting their plants locally.

Organix has a strong commitment to quality ensuring all their products are consistent, and they source the best quality products from the Colorado cannabis network of partners.

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Stoned!!! That is what I felt when done using the Blueberry Pie. I and the guys couldn’t stop laughing when done using it. The smell is amazing

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