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Redecan is a well-known and trusted Canadian company that is dedicated to the production of high quality cannabis products. As a family-owned business, they cater to the needs of consumers and do not focus on stockholders concerns. With over 30 years in the agriculture industry, Redecan uses proprietary growing methods. With greenhouses located in the Niagara region of Canada, Redecan uses state-of-the-art growing environment to cultivate and nurture plants. This company uses water that is treated with ozone and combines that with natural sunlight for the best growing results. All plants are grown in custom greenhouses where they receive professional care, top nutrition, and constant attention from experienced growers and harvesters. The company grows strains like Cold Creek Kush, Wappa, God Bud and Outlaw and offers a variety of products including flower, gems, vapes, drops, and Redees pre-rolls.

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Ontario, Canada





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  1. Lesley007

    The flower of Charlees Angel is seriously potent and can be used in small doses. The favor is kinda dry and your mouth feels like a desert, but the high is something else. Its like youa re glued to the couch after a decent blunt.

  2. Marvin Grey

    I suffer from severe depression and have tried numerous meds, but nothing comes close the the MMJ that I got. Just a couple of hits from my bong and my spirits lift to new levels. So glad my mates introduced me.

  3. Wilson Price

    The other night my friends and I decided to try cannabis baking a try and took to the HTC oils. In the end we couldnt decide what was funnier, our lame jokes or the fact that we ate more laced brownies because of the munchies. Best night ever.

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