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Ripple is a Colorado-based company that was created in 2014. Main goal of this business is to offer a safe, healthy, and efficient product that will help relieve pain and improve the quality of life. Ripple produces healthy low-calorie dissolvables, quicksticks, and gummies that are perfect for adults and elderly people who wish to consume cannabis responsibly, receiving the right dosage every time, and getting all the health benefits without affiliated risks.

This company is a pioneer at developing safe water-soluble THC that allows getting highly precise dosage which will help users feel better and live happier. Ripple’s product is developed through a highly technological process that is geared towards receiving safe and easy-to-use cannabinoids that you won’t be afraid to give to your grandmother. Their cannabis products help with various health issues, provide pain relief, and eases stress. Ripple offers an array of fun flavors like Sour Watermelon, Peach Cherry, Green Tea Mango, Honey Lavender, Blood Orange, Mint Chocolate, Blueberry, as well as flavorless and odorless options. All the flavors are achieved with clean and natural components. You can get your perfect dose with Ripple’s Pure (THC), Balanced (half THC/half CBD), and Relief (CBD).

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User Reviews

  1. Carmen

    For those days when you need to lift the mood of the people in the house discreetly.

  2. Linda

    A hit a day keeps the joint pain away. Love the fact that I do not have to smoke it.

  3. Craig

    There is not a meal that the Ripple dissolvables cannot improve.

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