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About Rocky Mountain Green

Rocky Mountain Green is a marijuana producing company in Boulder Colorado.  The company specializes in growing marijuana and selling the products to licensed cannabis dispensaries in Colorado. The family-owned business has an extraction lab that ensures the production of top-shelf medicinal extracts. They sell wholesale flowers, extracts, and clones. Rocky Mountains Green also offers extraction services. The company was started with the aim of encouraging people to use cannabis for its therapeutic benefits.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Green

Pure Products: the company dedicates itself to grow its hemp organically by using natural essential oils. They also use precision engineering for quality sterilization which gives their products a pure and delicious taste. Lab-Testing: all plants and concentrates from this company are tested and consistently pass for potency and purity. All the test results are displayed on the company’s strains page. Quality Products:  Rocky Mountain Green believes in organically grown hemp. As a result, all their plats have the highest level of quality nutrients than any on the market.

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I was right about Rocky Mountain Green in the past and even now!! The products always leave me happya nd dancing! The new stock of concentrates also give you giddy, giggle happiness. Always happy with you guys!

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The taste was delicious! I was craving for good citrusy food as soon as I had them!!! The effect was instant - a euphoric relief from pain! I liked it for my migraines relief!!

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The concentrate was great. I found it exceptionally awesome. I thought I could not find better performing ones elsewhere but i was wronf and had to come back again for more.

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Eilwen Sergeant

I really enjoy the high from this strain! Helps with instant pain relief!

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Methoataske Traves

Very yummy! Amazing citrusy and earthy smell! Excellent strain for any smoking experience.

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Garth Van Achteren

Very nice strain! Good for stress relief, anxiety, pain, and PTSD. I like this strain as it helped to relax and be very calm, but at the same time, Im able to be focused and do my work. I really like Rocky Mountain High due to its quality. I will order it again very soon.

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Coy Teel

The strain goes down very smoothy. The buds of this strain are quite thick and a bit sticky. I had a nice and enjoyable high with a very uplifting mood, and I didnt have any side effects. This strain is perfect for social interaction or for great concentration in case if you need to learn something. Overall, great experience! Highly recommend!

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