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About Rose LA

Rose Los Angeles is a company that produced the world’s premier edibles which are infused with single strain flower rosin. This is meticulously pressed in house, unlike other brands that use distillates in their recipes. Rosin is pure and unprocessed, and the process uses heat and pressure technologies to squeeze rosin from the entire flower. As a result, it preserves cannabinoids and terpenes, along with all the other compounds that naturally occur in plants.

Why Choose Rose LA

The rosin used in Rose’s edibles is pure and unprocessed. This leads to stronger and clearer highs.

The technologies used aim to preserve all the natural compounds in plants, ensuring strong therapeutic properties and full flower flavors.

Rose LA carefully chooses their suppliers according to numerous criteria. They use only fruit farms and purveyors with a long history and healthy practices regarding their operations, variety, and location.

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hey guys, LA ROSE is a company that makes the best edibles. they come in different taste.

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