About Rosin Press NY

Rosin Press NY is a reputed company that uses the rosin press technology to extract special plant compounds including cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The extracts are then distributed and sold to cannabis product manufacturers for the creation of edible delicacies. This brand functions on two primary factors – heat and pressure, to facilitate the extraction process. The Rosin Press NY brand is focused on updating technologies and the use of new innovative ideas for the preparation of exciting and fun cannabis products. This company has been a pioneer in paving the way for the entry of tantalizing and powerful non-Solvent cannabis products from entering into the market. The experts have made progressive strides in rivalling the levels of potency and terpene content in the cannabis items created.

Why Choose Rosin Press NY

Here’s why Rosin Press NY is one the best in the marketplace.

Quality heat plates: Rosin Press NY uses high-quality heat plates during rosin and cannabis extraction. This determines the quality and purity of the ultimate end product. The equipment and technology used by Rosin Press NY reduce the chances of degradation and overexposure to heat.

Measured and controlled pressure: The professionals who control the press used to extract the cannabinoids possess the skills and technical knowledge to apply even pressure distribution. They expertly control the speed without causing a blowout.

Safety: Rosin Press NY ensures that the extracts are carried out in safe proportions. This makes them suitable for use in the production and manufacture of the products.

Craftsmanship: At Rosin Press NY every operation is carried out in an advanced manner. Customers and clients are satisfied with the quality of services provided. The machines that they use for the processes are consistent and reliable, making the extraction of cannabis plant compounds a breeze.

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