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About Sativum

Sativum is a wellness and health company focused on providing natural hemp based solutions for everyday ailments.
The mission of Sativum is to bring harmony into your life (body and mind) through natural CBD remedies, free from addictive chemicals and unpleasant side effects, offering an alternative to many synthetic, pharmaceutical derived products.

Why choose Sativum

  • 100% organic - organic ingredients only
  • Environment friendly - packaging made from recycled materials
  • Vegan - plant-based products
  • Lab tested - all products are tested in 3rd party laboratories to ensure consistency and best quality

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There is a very secretive touch of mint to my purchase and surprisingly I like it. Though its meant for evening use, the mint flavor gives it an edge towards being alert unlike falling ditched on a couch. Very nice!

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Pristine plays

The tincture is going to last long and provides really exhilirating effect that lasts for hours! I felt hungry post the consumption but thats a positive for me - havent been eating much in a while.

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I once had a problem with sleep. Ever since I discovered the Amnesia strain, I sleep like a rock. I was thrown a bit with the potency of the psychotropic effects, but once I got past the initial shock I was as relaxed as can be. Great for those after a hectic days work.

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I never knew there were so many different strands out there. Experimenting with them all is one of my new favorite pastmes. So far Sativum n is in the lead when it comes to taste and energy levels.

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Conrad Smith

Makes me want to party

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Kevin Steer

Takes me to my happy place

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the sweet smell of a proper high

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Holly Morgan

Keeps you going for longer

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Cory Grinder

Loving the minty undertones

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super energetic joint!

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