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The Scynce LED company is headquartered at Mesa, Arizona in the United States. This company is a specialist in developing new and innovative technology and ways to use LED lighting for cultivating cannabis plants and strains. They try to achieve better yields and at the same time ensure powerful and efficient lighting and consumption savings. Scynce LED possesses more than two decades of experience in providing top-notch horticulture lighting solutions. Their services in lighting also extend to cannabis cultivation, marine, architectural, military and theatrical. The brand creates and develops several sections of indoor and greenhouse lighting that enables the proper growth of even the toughest and delicates strains in existence.

Why Choose Scynce LED

Here’s why Scynce LED is good for your cannabis business

Lighting for the present and future: Scynce LED is always experimenting and testing out newer types of lighting for both the indoor and greenhouse cultivation of cannabis plants. They are updated and way ahead when it comes to utilizing the best technology in the world. Moreover, the lighting that they come up with is innovative and designed for the present and next generations.

Efficient standards: Scynce LED lighting solutions for the growth of cannabis strains are perfect for commercial operations. The wholesale cultivators benefit by being able to expand the cultivations and increase their sales and profits.

Focused on using optical technologies: Scynce LED is focused on developing cannabis growth and protection with the latest innovations of optical technologies. This enables the equal distribution of light energy throughout the entire stretch of cannabis plantations. The LED grow lights using this technology will boost the healthy growth of the plants from the roots to the shoots.

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User Reviews

  1. Lucy

    The customer support service is great. I placed an order a few weeks ago and the delivery was on time as they had promised to deliver. The light is working well so far and with their app, everything has been made easy. So far, so good.

  2. Elizabeth

    Not many companies can meet the quality that Scynce LED has managed in terms of their smart technology. They have made growing cannabis easy as you dont have to be always there physically as you can use their smart app to regulate the light. The staff is also quite helpful as they offer easy to understand information about how to use their technology.

  3. Zachary

    Its no doubt that Scynce LED offers the highest growing light technology. Their smart lights come with an app that is intuitive to use. They also offer a lot of useful information on the installation and application processes. This has made everything easy even for a non-techie. Great company, great products, and amazing customer support.

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