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About Sequoia Seeds

Sequoia Seeds is a famous cannabis breeding company located in Mendocino County of Emerald Triangle. The brand was initially established in 2013 and had since then focused on producing strains with the best genes from the best breeders in North America, Canada, and Europe.

Whenever the brand name "Sequoia Seeds" is mentioned, it is always associated with quality, excellent customer service, and unique strains. The brand is set to educate and enlighten people on the importance and benefits of Cannabis in everyday life.

Why Choose Sequoia Seeds

F1 Hybrid Crosses: At Sequoia Seeds, their main focus is growing strains with F1 hybrid crosses. Their reason for this decision is to produce superior, potent, and disease-resistant seeds.

100% Germination Guaranteed: Sequoia seeds ensure that all strains are adequately tested before they release them to the open market. Such a procedure is to ensure that these seeds germinate on time.

Regular Seeds Only: The brand has its name embedded in the hearts of multiple people because they use regular seeds. Sequoia seeds believe in the preservation of quality cannabis culture and genetics; hence, they try to imbibe such culture into their customers' minds.

Professionals Do Breeding: At Sequoia Seeds, the best and nothing but the best is offered. Hence, they employ skilled and experienced professionals to perform breeding and harvesting.

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Excellent quality, good customer support and quick delivery service. This just sums up the Sequoia Seeds. I have been buying my marijuana seeds from them for a couple of times now and I am impressed by their service and the quality of seeds. I am a happy customer and will definitely continue shopping with them.

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I have bought seeds from them three times now and I am glad that I did choose them. They have premium quality seeds with 99% germination rate which is good for me. The delivery so done on time and exactly what you ordered. Sometime they throw on a few gifts in there. I really love these guys.

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Premium marijuana seeds with 100% germination rate. These guys know how to make you smile. The customer support service is very effective and will respond to all your inquiries within no time and give satisfactory explanations. I am in love with their strains. they are very potent and have high yields. I recommend these guys to everyone.

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I trust Sequoia Seeds to offer the best premium quality marijuana seeds. I have ordered seeds from them three times now and the delivery is amazing, the parcel arrived with four days of placing the order in a discreet wrapping that fitted through the mailbox. The seeds germinate 100%. I am happy with these guys.

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