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About Shadowbox Farms

Shadowbox Farms are inspired by cannabis cultivators based in Southern Oregon. The farm grows some of the best cannabis plants in the world. They cultivate the strains on an extensive farm in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon at the foothills of 3 mountain ranges. The natural environment and the bountiful soil nutrients enable the strains to thrive. Shadowbox Farms supplies the richest and highly potent cannabis varieties. The brand is motivated and founded on the bases of age-old traditions and memories. Shadowbox Farms supplies and distributes the products to customers in the locality and in the surrounding areas.


Why choose Shadowbox Farms


Exceptional quality: Shadowbox Farms is a pioneer for premium quality cannabis strains. The products offered by them are pure, organic, naturally grown, and possess therapeutic and healing properties.


Customer experience: The team at Shadowbox Farms are obsessed with serving their customers to the best of their abilities. Users are rest assured that the products purchased from this brand are all world-class and come with airtight high-quality packages. The packaging is user friendly and safe on the environment.


Guidance and knowledge about cannabis: Shadowbox Farms holds extensive information about the healing benefits and powerful effects of these wonder plants. The experts here possess the knowledge and know-how of the cannabis strains gained through decades of extensive researches and studies.


Farm to table quality checks: Shadowbox Farms has a separate team to carry out the testing at the labs. Comprehensive quality checks are done from the strain cultivation to the manufacturing stages, processing, marketing, supply and distribution.

Info & License

License Number


HQ Location

Portland, Oregon


Tim Winner, CEO



User Reviews

  1. brandt

    when I smoke this weed I feel like I can talk to everyone in my city…LOL

  2. roger

    this ganja has awesome vibes and is incredibly potent stuff

  3. tammy

    I wanna kiss the smoke, totally dope

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