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Shine Papers

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Shine Papers is an organization that consists of three different brands Pure Leaf, Shine, and Blaze. The founder and the current CEO of the brand is Dave Brown. It is a cannabis company and brand that is different from the other cannabis companies. Here, they don’t just sell marijuana products, they are also selling products that you might need to use your cannabis in style.

They sell products like 24 karat edible rolling gold papers to gold vape pens. And many others, such as cigars, cones, pre-rolls, and even kits with their products. In addition, SP provides a line of accessories, such as lighters, grinders, rolling glue, etc.

They created an annual event. Its main idea is to hide stashes all around the world, giving seekers instructions and different riddles. The company keeps a pretty interesting social activity, arranging collaborations with many various organizations and other cannabis brands. On top of that, some of them even had a charitable character.

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Charleston, South Carolina


Dave Brown, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Ibby

    Everythings gold here! And its real in EVERY sense! The sheets are not very fragile, vapourier that I bought comepltey does the job it is meant for.

  2. Freya

    Took a few puffs of weed from their vapourizers and was dancing to jingle bells for over an hour! And the song was playing in my head - my happy hormones playing it !! HURRAYYYY!! Get them ASAP!

  3. Hudson

    The rolling sheets are pretty good, they dont tear off, hold considerable amount of skunk and they are available in Gold, and thats a surprising element that mae me wander about Shine Papers space!

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