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Short Stuff might only sell their seed and strains in 6 countries at the moment. However, these strains and seeds are some of the top strains in the world. Many people are looking for the strains made by Short Stuff. With 26 strains available, and new ones getting released on a regular basis, you will be able to find the strains that have the perfect flavor for you.

Short Stuff Benefits

Always working on new strains. This is the one great thing about Short Stuff. They are always looking for new strains that they can produce. Most of their existing strains have good reputations and comes highly recommended.

26 Cannabis strains and seeds available. Up to date, they have released 26 different cannabis strains that the public can buy. Some of these strains are new and don't even have reviews yet. The seeds that they are selling are also high in quality, and they promise a good outcome with planting their seeds.

Offering seeds giveaways. They have giveaways all the time. This isn't just a promotion to get people to familiarize themselves with their products. It is also a way to make sure that people are getting to know the benefits of using cannabis strains and seeds. Especially for medical use.

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User Reviews

  1. Weaver

    Excellent strains with a high bud rate. I am completely happy about the quality of the seeds and the amount of buds that I got from the last batch I ordered. Overall, this is a great company with good services. Highly recommend.

  2. Sandy

    Awesome seeds and great company overall. Short Stuff has the best stuff that you can really trust not to let you down. The service is amazing, the seeds arrived in a discreet parcel and within the expected time. I am happy to buy from them again.

  3. Theriot

    Excellent company with great service and quality seeds. Each time I make an order from them, the seeds arrive on time and in the desired amount. There has never been any confusions during the delivery. The quality of the strains is amazing and the service is awesome.

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