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Established in 2012 and located in Washington, Sitka Hash House is a brand that produces hash-infused joints, pre-rolls, and concentrates. The vendor offers a rich, thick smoke with sweet lemon, incense, and spices. Joints also come in chocolate and hazelnut flavors. The products contain a high THC level.

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Seattle, Washington


Nicolas Saad, Founder



User Reviews

  1. bingo

    Smashing Hash…stoned for hours

  2. DominicClarke

    smoking weed is not for me, I just do not do the taste of it all. The smell on the other hand is legit amazing. Hash is the perfect alternative for me as I get all the effects of smoking a joint, without the taste in my mouth. This has is superior to any other i have tried. Amazing odor and effects. Quality!

  3. NickyGalzRules

    Normally the hashish that I bought died on me after a couple of minutes, I had to relight it a couple of times. I always thought it was normal, but then I bought this stuff. I tried the burn test to see if it wasnt BS, and I was not disappointed. This is the real deal.

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