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One of the finest cannabis collections of products, Skagit Organics employs the highest standards from extraction to packaging. They provide the highest quality distillates on the market. Their quality flowers and alcohol extracted cannabis oils are amongst the best in Washington state, providing clean and consistent marijuana products. Skagit is a family-owned company built on a foundation of quality and integrity, ensuring that their customers have access to clean, quality cannabis products.

Why Choose Skagit Organics

One of the only firms in the US who produces food-grade cannabis oil using organic food-grade alcohol, resulting in a highly effective cannabis concentrate.

Their oils combine the beneficial compounds found in the cannabis flower with a full cannabinoid profile, ensuring quality extracts.

A wide range of affordable products is available, both in THC or CBD dominant versions. The original is the most popular oil, they also offer Gold and Platinum versions.

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User Reviews

  1. Chantal Arnold

    Ive tried Pineapple Express from Skagit Organics, and it was a decent experience. I really liked this Sativa as it gives you some energy and heavy high. It has a lovely tropical tasting with a hit of pineapple. If youre feeling down or unmotivated, this weed would be a great choice to solve the issue.

  2. Glyndwr Wescott

    Amazing CBD! Good quality! Very effective!

  3. Craig Pearce

    Fast Shipping! Awesome cannabis!

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