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Sky Blue Vapor focuses on delivering low-temperature vapes that provide users with enjoyable experiences but also eliminate waste. This in results, gives you a longer-lasting stash. To be more, vapes in low temperatures will preserve the amount of terpenes found in the cartridges and concentrates that consumers use. By using Sky Blue Vapor, smokers get increased flavour profiles and stronger and faster-acting effects.

To produce these items, the company uses the cleanest power in the offices: wind and solar. Their packaging is all sourced from recycled materials.

Why Choose SkyBlue Vapor

Environmentally friendly. Sky Blue Vapor is an example of an environmentally-friendly brand in the cannabis industry. They use clean power, source all packaging from recycled materials, and create low temperature vapes that eliminate waste.

3% of all profits go to charity. In addition to contributing to waste elimination, Sky Blue Vapor is also giving back. A percentage of 3 of all of their profits is donated to charities that empower the cannabis movement.

Portable and discreet. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, the vapes sold by Sky Blue Vapor are discreet and easily portable. They produce no odour, so are basically non-noticeable.

Increased quality of experience. Because of the low temperature, the vapes provide users with longer-lasting stashes and preserve the amount of terpenes in the concentrates. Users can also enjoy a stronger flavour.

Lifetime warranty and free shipping. Products sold by this manufacturer have a lifetime warranty. All orders are processed within the day and they have free shipping domestically for orders over $69.

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USA, Canada

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Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


Clifford Smith, CEO




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User Reviews

  1. Jaci Adriaansen

    I think it was one of the best vape pens that Ive ever had. I appreciate their customer service, as for now, I have a better understanding of the hardware. Im very pleased with my purchase, and I really like the fact that I can easily change concentrate to the cartridge and with various atomizers.

  2. Honora Stephenson

    Im satisfied with the overall experience that started from the purchase to reception and consumption. Ive recently received my vape pen, and it was exactly what I wanted. Also, in addition to my order, Ive got a free dual coil. The customer service was extremely helpful and friendly. I would recommend for those people who you are looking for a very easy-to-use vape pen.

  3. Abigail Paige

    The company has an amazing customer service with prompt replies. The vape pen is well-made and easy to use. The vape pen is suitable for the options for atomizers, and it comes with a very comfortable carrying case compartment. The delivery was quick and trouble-free. Highly recommend SkyBlue Vapor product!

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