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Soma, owner of Soma seeds grown cannabis since 1971. Making him an expert in growing and producing cannabis, especially for medical reasons. Since he opened his online cannabis store, Soma seeds, he has won numerous awards for his cannabis seeds and strains. Soma seeds growing their seed and strains in an organic environment, making sure that they are offing high-quality strains to their clients.

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44 different strains available. Soma seeds are offering more than 44 different strains available for clients. They are also planning to produce new strains in the new future that can be bought online.

Organic seeds and strains. For most people, it is important to buy and use organic cannabis seeds and strains. This is exactly what Soma seeds are offering. Not only do they produce organic seeds and strains, but they are producing it in an organic environment as well.

45 years of experience. The owner of Soma seeds have more than 45 years of experience in growing and producing cannabis. Making him an expert and ensuring that his clients are getting the best value for money.

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User Reviews

  1. Dianne

    Transparency is the first thing that you will notice when you buy seeds from Soma Seeds. These guys will offer you all the information about the strain you are interested in and even more about other strains that can be beneficial too. This to me, is very important when buying cannabis seeds. I have bought from them once and I am sure to come back for more.

  2. Powers

    I am a repeat customer AT Soma Seeds and this is simply because of the quality of service that I receive here. The staff here is very knowledgeable about the strains and are happy to share all the information with their customers. Delivery is swift , within three days of making an order you receive your seeds in a discreet packaging. Very reliable brand this one.

  3. Cruiz

    The seeds at Soma Seeds have the best genetics ever. They sell high quality strains that are easy to grow and maintain. The yield for these is quite impressive with most doing well both indoors and outdoors. Overall, Soma Seeds is a great company with quality seeds and great customer service.

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