About Spot

Spot was opened in 2014 in its developers’ backyard. The creators of this popular brand had an idea to create top-shelf products that will ‘be transformational to the way we experience our lives’. Ever since, the company has been working with chocolatiers, organic growers, confectioners, and retailers to create legal and safe cannabis-infused products for marijuana users.

Spot is committed to crafting outstanding chocolates & fruit chews. Since 2014, Spot has been a market leader by seeking out the finest ingredients, hiring passionate people & offering delightful experiences to consumers. The pioneering spirit has led them to be a company of firsts; they crafted the first legal cannabis-infused chocolate in Washington State & the first legal cannabis-infused fruit chews. Spot was also the first brand to incorporate CBD into our products and have always believed in the importance of differentiating by experience. As the saying goes, there is nothing better than a friend, UNLESS IT’S A FRIEND WITH CHOCOLATE.

Chocolates: small batch chocolates are crafted with only two ingredients: French Couverture chocolate & Hand-picked, sun-grown cannabis from organic farmers. They melt, precisely infuse, temper, and mold these chocolates for a delicious, full-spectrum experience that is second to none.

Chews: small batch fruit chews are crafted with real butter, real sugar & 100% all-natural flavors and colors. They melt, mold and precisely infuse each chew with hand-picked, sun-grown cannabis from organic farmers for a delicious, full-spectrum experience.

Why Choose Spot

Popular since 2014. From the moment that it opened, Spot started attracting a lot of attention from cannabis users. They use the finest ingredients and provide a variety of delicious and effective products. First legal products in Washington State. Spot was the first company in Washington State to produce legal cannabis-infused chocolates and fruit chews. Sun grown cannabis from organic farmers. To ensure the quality of every chocolate or other product, Spot uses hand-picked, sun grown cannabis from organic farmers. Full-spectrum experience. The fruit chews by Spot come in small batches and are crafted with only natural flavours, colours, and ingredients. They melt and mold each chew to deliver full-spectrum experience.

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