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Spot is a recreational marijuana brand established in 2014. Now, the company has a team of chocolatiers, organic growers, confectioners, and retailers and creates safe CBD- and THC-blended products. Spot is committed to crafting outstanding chocolates and fruit chews.

The chocolate is made in small batches and contains only two ingredients: French Couverture chocolate (dark 70% and milk 42%) and sun-grown, hand-picked cannabis from organic farmers. Fruit chews (Orange Cream and Strawberry) are also made in small batches and crafted with real butter and sugar, and 100% all-natural colors and flavors. The vendor sources cannabis grown by a local farmer who uses natural farming methods and avoids pesticides.

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Sandy C.

Amazingly varied selections that will give you a super cool high...

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If you want to get stoned, the spot is the best option for you!

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amazing customer service that offers a wide range of maryjane strains...

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Ronnie Simpson

spot has an amazing selection of fresh buds and ganja.

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Sloan M.

amazing cannabis!

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