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Stillwater Brands

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In Colorado in 2014, Justin Singer opened the Stillwater Brands company to create quality pot solutions for medical marijuana patients. His grandmother asked him for pot that would relief her husband’s symptoms, but none of the ordinary products helped. So, he created new, healthy edibles created with the perfect water-soluble form of THC for accurate dosing. Their products include dissolvables, gummy supplements, QuickSticks, and Caliper CBD.

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  1. Rickey Linley

    My artrites n my right hand easys up where I can keep doing my chores,. At nite helps me sleep

  2. Kayden

    Never thought weed would be so effective for PTSD. I use it to help my retired veteran dad. No other medicinal product comes close to the effectiveness of their products and since they dissolve so easily, dose control is a breeze

  3. Sawyer

    love how easy it is to control dosing with this weed product

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