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About Stokes Confections

Stokes Confection is a medical and recreational cannabis product manufacturer in the United States. It was founded for two reasons. The founders of this renowned brand wanted to create cannabis products that would help people cope with debilitating ailments, as well as create consistently and perfectly dosed products for recreational users. Stokes products provide cannabinoids in functional and precise formats, but are also delicious.

Why Choose Stokes Confections

Only natural ingredients. To provide customers with safe and beneficial experiences, Stokes Confections uses only natural ingredients in their products.

Precise and accurate dosages. The company puts much effort into creating perfectly tailored cannabis products that enable consumers to medicate confidently without any adverse reactions.

Delicious products. Stokes Confections sells a great line of delicious products including truffles, THC infused edibles i.e. micros, and gummies.

Variety of flavours. They sell truffles in 6 different flavours: peanut butter, coconut almond, sea salt caramel, cherry almond, Creme de Menthe, and raspberry.  Micros come in 4 flavours: mint, honey lemon ginger, pomegranate, and watermelon. Gummies come in 5 flavours: watermelon, grape, pineapple, topical mix, and sour apple.

Lab-tested products. All of the products offered by Stokes Confections are made from scratch and lab tested. They are also all gluten-free.

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I adore all the tastes of the Stokes Confections products. they are different but each of them has special effect and makes me enjoy it so much. You should try that watermelon and pineapple gummies. They are cool and amazing

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I like tasty products. Stokes confections made interesting products. It has got medicinal properties. I had terrible headache for a long time, and it was a right decision to use products of the Stokes confections brand. They really helped me

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Carmella Wilbur

I buy all my edibles from Stokes Confections and this review was overdue already. I love the taste, the variety, and the fact that all their containers are child-proof. Great job!

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Aneurin Van Akkeren

Chocolate truffles are my favorites

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Sieger Moore

Dosing is very accurate

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Roosevelt Conner

I tried the Watermelon micros and they are now my favorite edibles. I have a low tolerance and usually, edibles are quite strong for me. These ones were perfect - you can easily control the dosage. The effects were fast, but make sure you put it under your tongue.

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Aura Ruggles

Love the sugar-free variety. I cannot have sugar due to health, so their products are right on spot and very efficient

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