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Subdued Excitement

About Subdued Excitement

Subdued Excitement is a Seattle-based cannabis manufacturing company that grows and sells its products exclusively in Washington. This is a high-rated company with dispensaries in many cities across Washington, produced by using state-of-the-art equipment and only safe and WSDA-approved products. Subdued Excitement is also OMRI-certified, which means that its products are allowed to be used in certified organic operations under the USDA Organic Program.

Why Choose Subdued Excitement

Grown in rockwool. Every product manufactured and sold by Subdued Excitement is grown in rockwool unless the package states otherwise.

Safe and WSDA approved products. When needed, the company uses WSDA-approved pesticides in rotation. Their website contains a full list of the pesticides that may be found in some of their products.

Integrated pest management. Subdued Excitement has developed a responsible IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program to use in their cultivation processes. Based on this, their process is compliant with Washington I-502 regulations.

Tested with confidence program. For more transparency, the company has joined the Tested with confidence program by Confidence Analytics. Their products are tested for terpenes and pesticides by third-party labs.

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User Reviews

  1. Yash

    The hand trimmed products are neat, best and highly potent. You just need a small amount of them to get trashed so use wisely. Definitely going to make you euphoric and happy.

  2. Bismie

    I had high expectations when my friend wont shut up about Subdued Excitement. And rightly so! The flowers have not so obvious smell that kind of makes you feel light and elated at the same time. Genious!

  3. Zara76

    I just invested my money in strains to get a what i was looking for. I think the joint was just perfect for me - not too pungent and strong. Just for beginners

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