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The Sunday Scaries is a relatively new company founded by two former bar owners Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt who settled in San Diego, California in 2017. They are convinced that the best treatment for stress is humor, communication, and CBD products that are safe and beneficial for everyone.

Hemp that is used for manufacturing goods is domestically grown and sourced from family-owned farms. The raw material is free of pesticides, microbial solvents, and heavy metals. All products undergo lab tests which prove that only high-grade CBD is used. All results are displayed on the official website. The Sunday Scaries produces a variety of products, including vegan.

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  1. Bowens

    Simply amazing. Sunday Scaries products always give me a productive day at work as they keep me focused and relaxed with no worries at all. Overall, this is a great brand with amazing and affordable products. The customer support is also amazing. I will be buying from them again.

  2. Almon

    Sunday Scaries lives up to its name; it scares away the stress and anxiety of the day leaving you happy and relaxed. I have been using their products for a while now and I always feel the difference from the days I dont use them. I highly recommend these guys.

  3. Jesus

    The best way to kick start every day is with the Sunday Scaries CBD Oil. It gives a mental focus that I have never experienced before allowing me to be more productive at work. This is an a amazing brand with quality products and customer support service. I have had no problem with them.

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