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Sundial Cannabis is based in Alberta, Canada, and is a licensed producer of cannabis under organic and natural methods. Grown with natural light in good soils with consistent monitoring of moisture content, the weed is then dried under strict controls to preserve its freshness. Sundial has a variety of products under their banner including dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and oil. Under these are edibles that can be added to food or eaten as they are.

Since the products contain no fillers or additives, Sundial assures users that they would be getting natural final products of pesticide-free weed products. This producer uses broad-spectrum CO2 extraction. The product is then packaged in cartridges with ceramic and glass components known to preserve a strain’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids.

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Korina L.

I tried the Sundial Cannabis joint and it got me pleasantly high

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the marijuana rules

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The berry taste is great!

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dominic Overtones

good smell, smooth taste

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Emmett O.

Sundial Cannabis is the best.

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