Sweet CO2 Oil
Sweet CO2 Oil

About Sweet C02 Oil

Sweet C02 Oil is a company with a big mission: ‘to provide pure concentrates to the cannabis community’. This is a Colorado-based company that is solar-powered and environmentally friendly. They use recyclable packages, add no additives to their products, and work with established local growers to outsource only top-notch marijuana ingredients to manufacture their variety of products.

Why Choose Sweet C02 Oil

Solar-powered production. To keep the environment safe and give the best possible growing conditions to their plants and products, Sweet C02 oil uses solar-powered production.

Recyclable and compostable packaging. All products manufactured by Sweet C02 Oil are packaged in either recycled or recyclable packaging like boxes and capsule bags.

All-natural products. All tinctures, capsules, and other products from this company are all-natural, which means that they contain no additives.

Cannabis sources from local growers. To ensure high quality and meet the rigorous standards in the industry, Sweet C02 Oil outsources the cannabis from local growers.

Use of the Sweet C02 Oil. To create their popular products, the company uses only finest, all organic ingredients and pairs them with the purest Sweet C02 oil. They don’t use preservatives or artificial flavours.

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Durango, Colorado





User Reviews

  1. SweetPotatoWeeder

    potent, pure, and flavorful MMJ to get you pleasantly high

  2. WeedsAndKush

    The products at Sweet C02 Oil are for medical and recreational purposes.

  3. hubbard F.

    The syringes are super convenient

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