Teq Analytical Laboratories
Teq Analytical Laboratories

About TEQ Analytical Laboratories

TEQ Analytical Laboratories is one of the first accredited third-party cannabis testing facilities in Colorado, directed by its founder and CEO Seth Wong. The laboratory provides accurate data compliant with ISO 17025 to help manufacturers and growers produce reliable and safe marijuana products to medical marijuana users. They have been providing analytical laboratory services for over seven decades.

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Aurora, Colorado


Seth Wong, CEO



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  1. Jam435

    Those who are interested in high-quality tests of medical cannabis can feel free to contact this research center. The quality of his work is impressive. I believe that there should be more laboratories for purposes like TEQ Analytical Laboratories. And they themselves should be better known to people.

  2. Benjamin

    This TEQ Analytical Laboratories makes cannabis users believe that they can not only smoke their favorite herb, but also use the strain for medicinal purposes. This is why this laboratory works. With such laboratories you feel more safe for your health

  3. Cassandra

    My experience working with this lab is just incredible. I applied for testing and they helped me as quickly as their service allows. They work with innovative equipment so the quality of the results remains high. It makes it one of the best ones.

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