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About Terp Stix

Terp Stix is an indoor grower known for their exquisite infused joints. They offer a large variety of flavors so anyone can enjoy them. The technique they use makes for a better aroma and strength, resulting so for a better smoke. Being at it for a long time, they perfected the technique which is now mess-free. The Terp Stix joints are strong and rich in flavor with an aroma that lingers for a long time.

Why Choose Terp Stix

Their products are made for the most pretentious smokers, offering a wide variety of flavors that include pineapple, green apple, tangerine, strawberry, and more.

They have made rolling craftsmanship and the way they do it is almost artisanal. Using the highest quality cannabis, they produce the highest quality joints.

Infusing the flower directly, the products offer a potent smoking experience that guarantees satisfaction at an affordable price and a wide range of options.

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