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About THC Express

THC Express is a family-owned cannabis manufacturing business that operates out of Kingston, WA. They are located right on the northern tip of the Kitsap Peninsula. This brand produces small-batch, premium quality artisan edibles for both novice marijuana users and connoisseurs.

In 2014, THC Express established a processing centre in Port Townsend, but since they couldn’t build a commercial kitchen there, they moved to Kingston. Right now, they work in a clean and safe processing centre, aiming to ‘build a local business that will benefit the community’.

Why Choose THC Express

Infused with daily butter. THC Express manufactures edibles that are infused with dairy butter, which has been infused with cannabis extracts.

Tested cannabis quality. Before they infuse any edibles, THC Express tests for potency, safety, and quality. This allows them to ensure an enjoyable, safe product.

Washington-sourced marijuana. All marijuana used to manufacture THC Express edibles is sourced from Washington State-based growers.

Handmade edibles. Edibles sold by this brand are all handmade and individually packaged. There’s a great variety of products available to customers of this brand, sold across Washington.

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User Reviews

  1. Harry

    All my needs have been met, thanks to THC Express. I have tried literally all their products and I am impressed as they are all equally potent. The customer support service is also great, I had a question about their tinctures and the information I was offered was satisfactory.

  2. Buitron

    THC Express is a great brand to buy from, they have some of the best products in the market suitable for all type of CBD users even those on a budget. Their delivery service is fast and you get exactly what you ordered. I highly recommend this brand.

  3. James

    The Coconut Infusion Oil is one of my favorite products from THC Express. I often experience muscle spasms and pain and this oil has really been helpful. It has helped reduce the pain so much and I can now relax and do a few things without disruption.

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