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Tumbleweed Farms

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Located in Eastern Washington is a fertile piece of land that lays between two rivers. TumbleWeed Farms is the brainchild of a biologist, a pilot, and a mountain climber, who together, honor the planet by growing their product in a sustainable, environment-friendly manner. This farm that was founded in 2014 has a Clean Green certification for eco-friendliness and a few strains to its name. It only stocks premium products including; Heirloom, Hybrid, and Sativa strains, all of which are pesticide-free. Examples of strains are: Heirloom Strains - Major Tom and Acapulco Gold. Hybrid Strains - Lemon OG, Grand Canyon, Dutch Treat, and Mt. Rushmore. Sativa - Green Crack, and Oregon Silver Haze.

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Scott Masengill, CEO



User Reviews

  1. Kenny

    I wanted to try a new Indica strain and I had no clue about where to find one. I have a few plants in my backyard and wanted to add to the collection. Then I came across Tumbleweed Farms and my dream came true. They have some of the best strains ever and after planting the ones I bought I called to ordered for more. They are quite the deal.

  2. Boyd

    When I visited Washington for the first time, I was a bit unsure of where I would get clean marijuana. And then someone pointed me in the direction of Tumbleweed Farms. I had the best experience ever in my lifetime. The strains are quite potent and have a great taste. I made sure that I bought enough stock when heading back home!

  3. Willie

    I trust Tumbleweed Farms to provide me with the best organic weed strains possible. I have severally bought their strains and so far so good, none has ever disappointed me. They have great employees here who are willing to answer all your questions.

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