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TweedLeaf was founded in May 2013 in Colorado. They now have four stores in the state - Trinidad, Boulder, Park Ave, and Jason St.

The company has vast experience in the cannabis world, and this is evident in its products. This company plants 120 different genetic cannabis varieties. Its main goal is to help customers and patients to get well-tested and validated cannabis.

TweedLeaf also offers a diverse range of medical strains and proven concentrates, food and topical products, and accessories. The age each cannabis strain for at least 30 days. The connoisseur collection is laboratory tested for potency and quality and includes Blackberry Kush, Do-Si-Dos, Blue Dream, GG #4, Golden Goat, and Clementine.

TweedLeaf also produces products under their brands such as Canna Dew's, Power Flower, Tweedleaf, LeafLabs, Star-Rocks.

TweedLeaf is committed to its Customer, Patient, and Staff safety and has developed procedures and policies to abide by new regulations that State, City, and Marijuana Enforcement Division have implemented.

They use exclusively natural seeds for their harvest. This process always under the control of experienced cultivators and grown organically indoors.

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User Reviews

  1. Ava

    I did not want anything sweet or floral. Then I heard about TweedLeaf. I needed strong spicy and pungent flowers. Thats when I spotted Argyle and now I just dont want to lt go! It has a balanced effect of calmness and euphoria - much appreciated!

  2. Ombush

    Bakerstreet is my favorite!!! TOP-NOTCH!!!! It has a tiny whiny bit of floral smell and a dominantw oody smell. Tastes fine to me and the euphoric feeling is not too strong but enough to make you feel good.

  3. Katerina

    Penelope is definitely not for first time users. If you you ar epro you know what i am takijg about. Great puffs from the joint I made myself. Definately the kind of stuff deisgned for me.

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