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Founded in 2015, Vape Bright is a San Diego-based firm that prides itself on manufacturing potent, clean, and pure CBD vape oil. The company’s mission is to build a global community of lively, content, empowered, healthy, and thriving people who are committed to sharing the healing power of cannabidiol. Jason Hand, the CEO, established the company to manufacture a pure CBD vape alternative. He partnered with Ben Smith, a chemist who created cannabis e-liquid free of harmful chemicals. The range of the brand’s products is not so diverse and includes vape cartridges, batteries, and charging kits. The Thrive and Thrive Beyond cartridges are the company’s prominent products, where the latter comes with an extra-potent CBD formulation. The e-liquid contains 100% organic hemp oil, MCT oil, and natural terpenes. Vape Bright doesn’t add any carrier oils like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The oil is derived from organically-grown hemp with no additives. The brand supports innovative psychedelic research and has worked discount programs for the military.

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USA, Canada, Other Countries

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San Diego, California


Jason Hand, CEO



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  1. Lea

    I presented one vape of Vape Bright brand to my brother. as he said, it was the best I had ever given him. He uses it with great pleasure. Im also very happy because I have found the great present.

  2. Cho536

    Vape Bright is a cool brand. I use vapes for a long time and I was tried to find the best one for myself. So, you can congratulate me now, I found such a vape of this Vape Bright brand.

  3. Tim

    Using these vapes is a real pleasure. and cant put into words how I feel incredibly after each use. The influx of strength and energy increases the desire to live and enjoy life. I think, its incredible effect for me. You should try

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