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Wana is an innovative cannabis manufacturing brand aiming to help people improve their lives in a mental, physical, creative, and emotional way with the help of cannabis. This private company exists since 2010 and locates in Boulder, Colorado. This company manufactures different products, including cartridges, gummies, vape cartridges, etc.

The brand uses cannabis sourced locally from Colorado, from Los Suenos. It grows outdoors for better terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Its manufacturing process includes CO2 extraction and high-grade C4H12 to create products for adults.

They also collaborate with the Israeli pharmaceutical company Cannabics, which specializes in the use of cannabis medicine for personalized cancer treatments. Wana is their US manufacturing division to create a family of products that will help many patients find long-term relief.

Wana uses only organic ingredients. All are vegan-friendly, plant-based, and gluten-free. Even as a sweetener, they only use tapioca syrup and organic sugar. No cutting agents like Vitamin E Acetate, PG, or PEG are used in manufacturing. Wana Vapes contains only high-quality cannabinoid distillates and terpenes.

Wana tests their products for microbial contaminants, heavy metals, homogeneity and certainly for potency in their facility, as well as at third-party labs.

The company divides its items into two categories: for recreational and medical use. The entire line of their goods is available in the states of Colorado and California. However, their products for medical treatment are also available in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

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Boulder, Colorado


Nancy Whiteman, CEO



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  1. StrongStud

    You have to go about Wana page and find the gummies that produce your fav action. I got the sour gummies and blimey!! hey take you down thememory lane and boost your confidence even if youve lost everything in the past year!


    The peach gmmies had a natural fruity flavor that my taste buds loved. The slow high is very inconspicuous but youll feel more focussed and calm in no time. You have come to the right place.

  3. Smothering thoughts

    The gummies will make you come back for more. Just keep popping anfd keep enjoying. LIfe is so much easy now!

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