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WeedMD is a Canada-based cannabis producer that provides medical cannabis. This organization is licensed and located in Ontario. It is committed to expanding public understanding of medicinal marijuana and educating health practitioners on how cannabis can relieve some medical conditions.

WeedMD is a large corporation that includes a range of subsidiaries, such as WeedMD Rx Inc., CX Industries, and Starseed MedicinaI Inc. Moreover, they also maintain partnerships across the seniors’ market and distributors all around Canada. That’s why WeedMD is backed up by a team of experts in several fields of science and management.

They present a line of products for an adult-use recreational as far as medical use. The Starseed Medicinal is engaged in the production of medical remedies when the other two brands Saturday Cannabis and Color Cannabis, specialize in products for recreational purposes. WeedMD provides products like oil concentrates, dried flowers, vapes, soft gel capsules, and pre-rolls. And they also surprise with a variety of flavors. Their products are designed following the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). Those are tested in the laboratory to be certain patients consume safe products.

Products from WeedMD emerge with the help of 158-acre brand-new greenhouse, outdoor, and processing facilities situated in Strathroy, Ontario. At the same time, they also possess a 26,000 sq. ft. of facilities in Almer, Ontario, which specialize in cannabis extraction and procession. To provide the best quality, WeedMD holds appropriate training for the staff and strictly separates the obligations. Also, they optimize the process of growing, depending on the features of particular strains and the season. For achieving a decent result for their oils, vapes, and gels, they use a CO2 extraction process.

The company specializes in providing the best quality cannabis products to patients across Canada. These products have been tested to be safe for consumption. Another advantage is that the WeedMD team is responsive to customer’s demands and focuses on meeting them. And, the company prides itself on satisfying its customers. At the same time, this company has set a good standard in the medical cannabis industry by providing cannabis with medicinal properties to patients. WeedMD can boast a long list of awards like the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Award for Best Employer in Canada, 2018 Canadian Cannabis Award for Top Growing Box, 2020 KIND Award for Best Sativa Flower in Canada, etc. On top of that, WeedMD provides a safe and secure online transaction and accepts credit card payments from registered patients.

The products from WeedMD are available for ordering on their website but before, it’s necessary to register, providing an application and a medical document. Even if the shipping is accessible only within Canada, it is free of charge for orders over 99$ and people enrolled in their discount programs. WeedMD presents compassionate pricing, veteran affairs, pediatric, and seniors discount programs.

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