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About Weird Science Labs

Weird Science Labs is another leading producer and manufacturer of cannabis in the industry. This company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered at Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. The brand helps clients and stores in the field to establish their cannabis business. Weird Science Labs sources the products and gets them ready for the consumer shelves at outlets, pharmacy stores. The company covers almost every area of the business, from the manufacture of the raw materials to pricing, labelling, edibles, topicals, smokeables, medicals, vape pens, fluid extracts, cannabis, marijuana, hemp and weed oil extracts. The brand uses the latest CO2 extraction technology that creates pure, organic and highly concentrated substances.

Why Choose Weird Science Labs

Here’s why you should choose Weird Science Labs

Purity guaranteed: Weird Science Labs stands firmly on ensuring the purity of each of its products. The formulation team works round the clock testing, researching and studying various plant strains to give you the perfect products.

Updated on technology: Weird Science Labs is all geared up with the latest technology. The unique and innovative methods of preparations that bring out the best, powerful effects of the strains.

High standards and compliance: At Weird Science Labs, they take compliance quite seriously. Every product is carefully scrutinised and tested out to ensure their safety and the prescribed standards for consumption.

Dealings with a wide range of finished product categories: Weird Science Labs takes pride in being able to collect natural ingredients sourced from various farms and converting them into finished products. It ranges from topicals, beverages, oils, distillates, tinctures, liquids, waxes, crumbles, pre-rolls, capsules and more.

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The type of products that you find at Weird Science is quite impressive. Their packaging accessories are made of quality material that ensures that the quality of the cannabis is well maintained. They are quite affordable too which make it easy for any startup to get into business.

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I have a small cannabis farm and I had been looking for a firm that I could collaborate with to have my strains processed and packed and Weird Science Labs has proved worthy. They have been processing my CBD for the last two years and I havent received any complaints from my customers. I highly recommend them to any small farm that is starting.

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Everything Cannabis can be found at Weird Science Labs. They have some of the best CBD products in the market. I have been buying my distillates and tinctures from them and so far I dont have any complains at all. This is a company that surely knows what it is doing.

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I own a small cannabis shop and I needed a supplier for packaging materials. I took the time to research online on the best manufacturer and I came across Weird Science Lab. They have the best packaging materials including droppers, cartridges, and jars. I am happy to be in business with this company.

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