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Wulf Mods is among the most recognized brands in the vaping industry. Founded in 2011 in Southern California, the company employs eleven to fifty workers in their United States, California, and Corona dispensaries.

The company was created by enthusiasts who want to create the perfect product for every type of user. Their skilled staff works to design pleasant and effective accessories for your vaping needs. With products like a digital vaporizer, classic vape, micro plus, SLK concentrate vape pen, UNI adjustable cartridges. They can be use for dry cannabis, oils or e-juices, and concentrates.

In addition to adhering to strict high-quality standards, they also focus on innovative design solutions through which users can enjoy the smooth vapor.

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United States, California, Corona





User Reviews

  1. Dom

    really like the e-liquids they make. Helps me to control my daily nicotine hits. I use them to smoke weed too. Works like a charm. Love their products. The dry vape range is my favorite

  2. Nilas

    I use their pipes to get my daily nicotine hits…great for weed extracts too

  3. Blowdin

    dome kits are awesome. Whenever I want to vape some weed, this is my choice

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