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Xtractology is an MMJ Collective based in Northern California. They specialize in extraction of cannabinoids and deliver products with high terpene retention. To achieve the best results, the company uses light hydrocarbon extraction methods, as well as a variety of purification procedures.

The majority of the processed material to produce these extracts is grown in-house and locally. The company utilizes third-party labs to check their plants before extraction, but also ensure their quality before they are sold to customers and patients.

Why Choose Xtractology

Hydrocarbon extraction methods. To retain the terpene amount and extract the cannabinoids from plants effectively, the company uses light hydrocarbon extraction methods and other procedures for purification.

SC Labs Certified. Every extract sold by Xtractology is SC Labs Certified and offers the utmost safety of consumers. They use quality material and sustainable methods to produce many extracts.

High quality materials used. To create the extracts, the company uses high-quality starting material such as budlets, nugs, sugar trims, and whole plants. Most of these are fresh frozen. All products utilize the highest grade distilled solvents, while concentrates are 99.95% or more solvent-free.

Frequently tested in labs. All extracts and plants are tested in labs several times to ensure their quality, safety, and potency. Every batch has a publicly reported Certificate of Analysis available to consumers.

In-house grown products. Over 90% of the materials used to produce the extracts and concentrates sold at Xtractology are grown in-house.

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I have used their products on several occasions and I must say that they are indeed the best that I have come across. They live up to the hype by delivering the desired effects. The customer support is also great and will handle any issues that you have within minutes.

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What I love most about this brand is the quality of their products. I have tried their solvent syringes and cartridges and I have no complains at all. Their products are clean and have no side effects at all. The price of their products is also quite affordable. They offer the best lifetime deals.

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Whenever I can get hold of a live resin I am happy to buy as much as I can. So it was a oy to finally come across the Xtractology black label shatter resin. It is so sweet and potent more than anything that I have ever tried before. I dont think I will be buying from any other brand. I am in love with this one.

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I tried their oil cartridge and I am excited about what it did for me. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression and I am hardly able to sleep. This Indica oil has helped me relax and be able to catch some sleep through the night. It is the best product in the market so far. Thank you Xtractology.

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