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Lana Braslavska
Lana Braslavska

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Top 10 Cannabis Influencers

Cannabis influencers are the new Instagram models. We scoured the internet to find 10 of our favorite cannabis-related influencers who will make you want to get high and laugh at the same time. With their dry humor and hilarious observations, these bloggers/vloggers have built up a following that is sure to entertain.

High Maintenance - The New York Times' "marijuana correspondent" (with over 2 million followers!) highlights what it means to be an urban pothead today: navigating from one social event or work function straight into another with little time for self-care or reflection.


She is a cannabis Instagram influencer with an accounting background. Trippy is from Los Angeles and a passionate stoner. She is among the earliest content creators in the cannabis niche. Her passion for the industry has seen her attract 236k followers on Instagram and over 83k followers on TikTok.

Trippy talks of challenges traditional advertising for cannabis, and the only way to reach audiences is through online presence. She uses different social media platforms for efficiency while adhering to rules to ensure she is not banned from the platforms. In her posts, she mostly focuses on the benefits of this natural herb, such as mood elevation and helping with some symptoms.

Dr. Michele Ross

Dr. Michele Ross is a professional medical practitioner who is passionate about plant medicine. She is an author, a neuroscientist, and a mental health expert. The Las Vegas-based doctor takes pride in exploring the benefits of using cannabis for elevating symptoms of illnesses such as pain. She has also taken the initiative to educate her fellow practitioners about this herb.

Dr. Ross has a follower base of 14.5k on Instagram. She is also a podcaster, course creator, and a blogger.

As a social media influencer, Dr. Ross has worked with brands such as Spore and has appeared on the brand's podcasts too. She also has her products, such as Kratom, and teaches her followers how to make bath bombs.

Koala Puffs

The social media influencer was born and raised in Ukraine. She became a cannabis influencer by sharing funny videos with her followers. Her audience comes from different parts of the world, and she enjoys sharing how people from different arts consume their cannabis.

With over 700k followers on Instagram, Koala Puffs shares relatable experiences and genuine content that her followers love. She has won several awards, such as West Coast Cure Awards and High Times Awards. She is also a successful entrepreneur in the cannabis niche and owns several cannabis lines.

She can be found on other platforms besides Instagram and her website.

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Bess Byers

Bess Byers, popularly known as imcannabess is a professional cannabis photographer and digital marketer. She covers literally about anything cannabis consumption by humans and pets. Her journey to becoming a cannabis influencer started as a joke.

Bess is a founder of Blaise Creative, which is an agency that deals with social media management, digital marketing, and social media management.

The Seattle-based influencer has had experience in growing, cutting, trimming, and marketing the herb at a personal level. She has 92.1k followers on Instagram and advocates for conscious capitalism, which is the legalization of cannabis in the right way.

John Berfelo

John is a Canadian cannabis influencer that uses YouTube to reach his audience. He has 115k channel subscribers and still growing. His experience with cannabis started when he had an accident at his workplace. He decided to use cannabis for the pain, and his studies about cannabis and pain relief have never stopped.

He has learned how to grow this herb and how to make cannabis medicine as a certified educator and influencer for cannabis. John has partnered with various brands to help them promote their products and is still open to collaborations.

One of his principles is he does not promote products he does not feel comfortable with and those he cannot use. As a certified cannabis educator, he only shares with his followers products he has no doubt about.

Jessica Cuebas

Jessica Cuebas, also known as pothead princess is a LA cannabis influencer with 139k followers on Instagram. Her job as a cannabis influencer started in Amsterdam, where she felt free and people appreciated her efforts. Before then, she was afraid of becoming an influencer in this niche.

The Pothead Princess has been featured in several publications such as mg Magazine. Her work is based on using cannabis for pain relief and leisure. After becoming an influencer while in Amsterdam, pothead princess has had brands approach her to help them with marketing their products, and she still offers the service.

Big Mike

He is one of the cannabis influencers with a mass following. With over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, the influencer and entrepreneur shares his vision of making cannabis acceptable and adapted by people as part of healing humanity.

He is the CEO and owner of several brands, such as Advanced Nutrients and Big Mike blends.

The influencer's cannabis business was picked while in Canada, where at the time he was starting his business, it was illegal to grow and sell it in the US but legal in Canada. The entrepreneur has awesome products that have been well researched and tested before selling them to his customers.

Big Mike is an international influencer whose products serve over 100 countries globally. He lives a lavish life and has branded most of his belongings with weed print as a way of recognizing and promoting the plant and its products.

Coral Kamstra-Brown

Coral Kamstra-Brown, also known as coralreefer420 is California based cannabis influencer. Her passion for cannabis has seen her share helpful content on her social media accounts and has attracted a follower base of 167k. She promotes the herb for recreational purposes, pain relief, and shows other products such as clothes and shower products that are made using this plant.

She has new IG page which is also attracting a good number of followers. Coral loves traveling and during her adventures, she is always reviewing different products made from cannabis.

Besides sharing her experience with cannabis products, she also works with brands to give them more visibility. She is available on other platforms where her followers can enjoy her content.

Seth Rogen

He is a stand-up comedian, comic actor, and screenwriter. The Canadian influencer has over 9 million followers on Instagram. Seth promotes the use of cannabis even while acting as he is featured smoking weed in some parts of his acting scenes.

Seth owns Houseplant, where he teaches his different audience types of cannabis strains. He also uses this platform to sell different products to them. The company also aims at bringing equity and sensitizing people about racism for a better tomorrow.

Besides promoting cannabis and its products, Seth also runs a charitable organization aimed at kicking Alzheimer's. The HFC is the name of the organization and gives a clear breakdown of what different donations cover.

Seth also works with other brands through Houseplants to promote their cannabis products. With his company, there is a lot he has to offer to the community and partners.

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Charlo Greene

She is a Nigerian-American Activist and cannabis influencer with 170k followers on Instagram. The businesswoman has a background in journalism and has held the Weed Show. She used the platform to talk about cannabis, its products, and her experience with the plant and gave a platform to other people to share their experiences.

Her main goal for promoting cannabis consumption and its products is helping people consume clean beauty products and get their confidence back.

She is a creator of skincare products under her brand name called KOKO where she creates products that help people deal with acne. These products have been tested in Korea and made from cannabis, making them skin-friendly.

The Alaska-based influencer also owns a hair extensions company where produces amazing products for her clients.

Cannabis marketing is a tricky business. With traditional advertising becoming more and more expensive and less effective, cannabis influencers are the new way to reach consumers digitally. If you've been considering using social media influencers for your cannabis product but aren't sure where to start? Chat with an influencer! They can help you find the right fit for your brand and are happy to work one-on-one with you on strategy as well as creative execution so that no detail goes overlooked. Which type of influencer do you think will best suit your needs or budget?

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