Best Weed Strains: AskGrowers' Experts Choice

AskGrowers website includes an extensive database of cannabis strains with detailed descriptions of their terpenes, cannabinoids, effects, and customer feedback. Recently, we came up with the idea of creating a list of the TOP 50 must-try cannabis strains. We asked our experts to do profound research and choose fifty strains you definitely don’t want to miss. It was a long way, but we have finally made it!

Benefits of the TOP 50 Cannabis Strains by AskGrowers':

  • All of the strains were chosen by experts with extensive experience in the marijuana industry;
  • To select the best options, experts analyzed multiple genetic factors and hundreds of user reviews;
  • The list includes options for both new and experienced marijuana users;
  • From Sativa to Indica and hybrids, the list helps find the best weed for any occasion;
  • You can find an in-depth description by clicking on each strain from the list.

You can use our list of the best marijuana strains as a checklist and try everything available, or just occasionally try something new to find your TOP marijuana strain. Keep this list in mind the next time you go marijuana shopping. Also, leave your ratings and reviews after smoking new strains so that other marijuana enthusiasts can compare their experiences to yours!

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