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Blue Crack Seeds logo

Blue Crack Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
  • Hybrid Type
  • 453g Yields
  • Mediterranean, Sunny, Warm Climate
from $65
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White Tahoe Cookies Seeds

by ILoveGrowing Marijuana
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 150g - 400g Yields
  • Mediterranean Climate
from $89
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Tropicana Cookies Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid Type
  • 400g - 600g Yields
  • Warm, Dry Climate
from $65
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Early Miss Seeds

by Sun West Genetics
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 100g - 200g Yields
  • Mediterranean, Dry Climate
from $65
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24K Gold Seeds logo
24K Gold Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Hybrid Type
  • 450g - 500g Yields
  • Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing Effects
from $65
Badazz Cheese Seeds logo
Badazz Cheese Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 500g - 600g Yields
  • Relaxing Effects
from $65
Baklava Seeds logo
Baklava Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 500g - 550g Yields
  • Powerful, Relaxing Effects
from $65
Big Devil Seeds logo
Big Devil Seeds by ILoveGrowing Marijuana
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 40g - 450g Yields
  • Fruity, Skunk Flavors
from $89
Birthday Cake Seeds logo
Birthday Cake Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • Medium - High Yields
  • Warm, Sunny, Humid Climate
from $65
Black Widow Seeds logo
Black Widow Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Hybrid Type
  • 350g - 450g Yields
  • Relaxing Effects
from $65
Cafe Racer Seeds logo
Cafe Racer Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid Type
  • 450g Yields
  • Warm Climate
from $65
Cherry Punch Seeds logo
Cherry Punch Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid Type
  • 550g - 1200g Yields
  • Mediterranean, Warm, Sunny Climate
from $65
Dolato Seeds logo
Dolato Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 500g Yields
  • Relaxing, Sleepy Effects
from $65
Grandaddy Black Seeds logo
Grandaddy Black Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 600g - 800g Yields
  • Relaxation, Euphoric Effects
from $65
Hellfire OG Seeds logo
Hellfire OG Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Hybrid Type
  • 400g Yields
  • Temperate Climate
from $65
King's Kush Seeds logo
King's Kush Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 800g - 1100g Yields
  • Body, Long-lasting, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing Effects
from $65
Monkey OG Seeds logo
Monkey OG Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 400g - 450g Yields
  • Warm, Sunny, Mediterranean Climate
from $65
Original Lemon Pie Seeds logo
Original Lemon Pie Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid Type
  • 500g Yields
  • Thai Ko Samui x UK Pineapple Genetics
from $65
Original Skunk Seeds logo
Original Skunk Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Hybrid Type
  • Medium Yields
  • Cerebral, Long-lasting, Powerful, Uplifting Effects
from $65
Panama Seeds logo
Panama Seeds by Sun West Genetics
  • Sativa Type
  • High Yields
  • Energized Effects
from $65
Purple Wreck Seeds logo
Purple Wreck Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • Sweet Fruity Climate
  • Purple Urkel x Train Wreck (T4) Genetics
from $65
Sour Jack Seeds logo
Sour Jack Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid Type
  • 300g - 500g Yields
  • Warm, Dry Climate
from $65
Strawberry Banana Cheese Seeds logo
Strawberry Banana Cheese Seeds by Crop King Seeds
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 450g Yields
  • Fruity, Zesty Flavors
from $65
Strawberry Cake Seeds logo
Strawberry Cake Seeds by ILoveGrowing Marijuana
  • Indica-dominant hybrid Type
  • 500g - 900g Yields
  • Body, Powerful Effects
from $89.00

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What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds were invented by breeders who wanted to grow solely female plants that have buds. They mature into female plants in 95-99% of cases and have been discovered a while ago. By this time, they turned out to be the most popular type of weed seeds in the world. A big advantage is that they can be both photoperiod and autoflowering, which means that every grower should be able to find an option to suit their needs.

How To Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Now that you are aware of the feminized seeds meaning, let’s go over the core details related to growing them.

feminized marijuana seeds


Although there are several seed germination methods, expert growers choose the paper towel method for this type of seed.

To use this method, you need to take a clean paper towel, place your seeds on it, and fold it in half so that the towel covers them from both sides. Then you need to spray some clean water on the towel until it’s moist and place your towel between two plates. The towel then should be placed into a dark, airtight space for one or two days (or 7+ days for older seeds). The main rule is to keep the towel moist.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

Feminized seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They can be even grown in a greenhouse, so the choice eventually gets down to your own preferences. Here are just a few factors to consider to make the right choice:

  • Growing your plants outdoors will let you supply them with the most natural and powerful source of light, and also reduce your electricity bill.
  • Growing them indoors will let you get more control over the factors that affect the yield and the quality of cannabis, such as lighting, humidity, etc.

When making the choice, also consider the climate in your area, as well as the local cannabis laws.

Temperature and Humidity

Grown outdoors, feminized plants thrive best in a warm Mediterranean climate and shouldn’t be exposed to intense colds most of the time. Nevertheless, it’s a common practice to give these plants a so-called “freeze shock” at the end of their lifecycle. In some cases, doing this can boost the plant’s potency. Otherwise, for indoor cultivation, this type of cannabis requires moderate climate conditions. The best temperature range for these plants is between 68°F and 78°F (or 20-25°C).

As for the humidity level, it should be moderate and needs to be adjusted for each specific stage of the plant’s lifecycle. During the vegetative stage, the humidity should be set to around 60%. However, during the flowering stage, it should be reduced to 40-50% to avoid mold.


Feminized seeds are quite demanding in terms of nutrients. Therefore, the best soil for growing them is nutrient-rich, light, and well-ventilated. To satisfy all these requirements, growers tend to choose soil mixes.

Typically, ready-made mixes that you can find in a store will work fine for growing feminized seeds. But, if you want to ensure the best results, you might want to make a homemade mix of your choice.

feminized seeds for sale


Feminized weed has a six-stage lifecycle that consists of:

  • Germination – When seeds pop, turn into sprouts, and become ready for planting.
  • Seedling – After being planted in the soil, feminized seeds turn into seedlings, ready to shed the husk and start growing.
  • Vegetation – This is the stage of the most potency and growth. During it, the plant is maturing and getting bigger day by day.
  • Flowering – During this stage, the plant starts procreating and forming buds.
  • Harvest – At this stage, the plant’s buds change color from milky-white to amber. That’s when it’s time to harvest crops.
  • Drying and curing – After harvesting, growers need to place buds in a dark and dry area to let them drive and amplify the flavor.


For photoperiod plants, growers use two light cycles – 18/6 during the vegetation and 12/12 during the flowering stage. For autoflower plants, you can stick to an 18/6 or 20/4 light cycle to improve the results.


Feminized plants demand a lot of nutrients. The three key elements include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Apart from this, feminized cannabis is hungry for calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, etc.


Unlike regular seeds, feminized seeds don’t have a specific average yield volume. Everything depends on three factors – genetics, light, and nutrients.


Feminized marijuana seeds need to be watered regularly, every 1-3 days. However, it’s crucial not to overwater the plant in order to avoid harming its roots. Check if the soil is dry before watering and keep an eye out for signs of overwatering.

Flowering Time

The time feminized seeds need to flower depends a lot on the selected strain. Autoflowering strains will flower quicker in around 8-9 weeks. Other strains can take 11-12 weeks until you can harvest the crop.

How to Recognize Female Seeds

There is no way to do this by simply looking at seeds. That’s why it’s recommended to buy feminized seeds from a trusted online or offline store.

Can You Clone Feminized Cannabis Seeds? Are Weed Seeds Better Than Clones?

Yes, when you grow a cannabis plant from feminized seeds, you can actually clone it. The process isn’t too complex. However, in order to get the best results, you need a healthy mother plant with strong genetics.

Nevertheless, weed seeds are typically better than clones. Seeds produce healthier and higher-quality plants, whereas clones often inherit all diseases and pests from the mother plant.

The Pros and Cons of Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Before you start looking for feminized seeds for sale in the USA, let’s quickly look at the main pros and cons.


  • These seeds will only grow into female plants with buds and noticeable THC.
  • Without male plants, you won’t ruin your crop or grow useless cannabis.


  • If there are no male plants, you can’t grow seeds and grow them or breed new strains.
  •  Poor quality seeds or excessive stress during the growth increase the risk of hermaphrodite weed plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seed – Taste, THC and CBD Levels, Effect

Female marijuana seeds differ by a number of factors. Below is a brief overview of the factors to keep in mind when shopping for the right seeds.


Whether autoflowering or photoperiod, feminized plants have lots of flavor profiles. They can be light and strong, sweet and cheesy, etc. The taste depends on the terpenes contained in the chosen strain.

THC and CBD Levels

While the CBD content is always high in feminized plants (as CBD flowers are obtained solely from female cannabis), the THC content can range anywhere from under 1% to around 30%. There are many factors that affect this content.


The effect of feminized plants also varies. It depends on the selected strain and its genetics, as well as on the THC and CBD levels. However, most often, feminized seeds are linked to relaxation and euphoria.

Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds Good for Beginners?

According to experienced growers, male marijuana plants can cause accidental pollination that often leads to ruined crops. Due to this reason, male plants are often discarded during the early stages of growth to avoid this.

Since feminised seeds only produce female plants, they are fantastic for beginners. Using them, a novice cultivator doesn’t have to worry about overlooking the male plants and, thus, ruining the crops.

Nevertheless, though feminized cannabis is generally good for beginners, it might not be perfect for everyone. According to experts, female-only plants will suit bud growers who are looking to grow THC-high weed that comes with strong relaxation, euphoria, and laughter effects. Also, such seeds will suit growers who specialize in creating medicinal cannabis, as female buds have the cannabinoids and terpenes content needed for a solid medical effect.

What Are the Different Types of Feminized Cannabis Strains?

There are plenty of strains to choose from if you are looking for feminized seeds. Here are some of the best strains in our opinion:

  • Blue Dream Feminized – This Sativa-dominant strain provides 2% CBD and 19% THC. It’s known for its strong pain and stress-relieving features, and a delicious fruity flavor.
  • Durban Poison Feminized – This strain has gained the love of growers for high THC levels (16-24%) and the unique effect it has on consumers’ moods and creativity. It also has a unique flavor mix of sweetness, citrus, and herbs.
  • Strawberry Cough Feminized – This is a hybrid, Sativa-dominant strain. It contains 1.6% CBD and 20% THC. The strain is known for quick pain relief and the shade of strawberries in its taste.
  • White Tahoe Cookies Feminized - This Indica-dominant strain contains 22-28% of THC, which makes it a popular choice for pro users. It also has an amazing flavor mix of Diesel, Herb, Wood, and Spice. 

Feminized Seeds or Female Seeds?

Many retailers tend to claim that they only provide “100% female weed seeds”, while actually talking about feminized ones. In reality, this statement is very misleading and inaccurate because these two aren’t the same thing.

As you already know, feminized seeds were bred to produce more female plants with buds than possible with regular ones, which produce equal shares of male and female plants. Nevertheless, feminized plants still have a full range of genetics. Both regular and feminized weed plants have both Y Chromosomes (male) and X Chromosomes (female). A truly female plant has YY Chromosomes. 

Female plants don’t have a full range of genetics and can be used as a source for a mother plant. Feminized plants, on the contrary, are rarely recommended to use for this purpose as they aren’t as resilient. Typically, mixing feminized and fully male plants will result in the same feminine-masculine ratio as when creating seeds the regular way.

Frequently asked questions about Feminized

Regular cannabis seeds produce a roughly equal number of male and female plants. Feminized seeds were created by breeders who were interested in the buds that grow on female plants. When you put feminized weed seeds in the soil, they are guaranteed to be bud-producing, so it cuts out the step of determining the sex of marijuana plants, discarding the males, and wasting resources on them. When you buy feminized seeds, you reduce the risk of having a male sneak into your crop, which can pollinate the entire harvest and cause females to focus on producing seeds instead of buds. Almost 95% of all feminized seeds mature into photoperiod female weed plants. Invented in the 1990s, they remain popular with most cultivators.
You can legally buy feminized marijuana seeds if you reside in a U.S. state with legalized cannabis use. Dispensaries also offer feminized seeds for sale, but usually, they specialize in flowers and smoking accessories and have a limited assortment of weed seeds. The best alternative is to visit online seed banks that offer a vast collection of feminized cannabis seeds for sale from different breeders and in different varieties. Unlike dispensaries, online stores work 24/7, and your order will be delivered right to your door in discreet packaging. Buying these seeds from international suppliers is risky since marijuana transportation through U.S. borders is illegal due to federal laws.
When looking for feminized marijuana seeds for sale, you can come across photoperiod and autoflowering ones. Feminized photoperiod plants have 2 growth phases and need 18/6 hours of light circulation in their vegetative stage and 12/12 hours when they start to flower. Feminized autoflowers need 18/6 or 20/4 hours of daily light from seed to harvest without reducing light hours, going into the bloom phase automatically. The blooming time is strain-dependent, but usually, it takes 9 weeks. Grown indoors, plants require moderate humidity levels and temperatures of 68-78°F (20-25°C). When cultivated outdoors, they prefer a warm Mediterranean climate. Gardeners should take preventive measures against pathogens and pests with natural foliar sprays. They should avoid overwatering and overfeeding.
Autoflowering plants don’t depend on the change in light cycles and automatically start to flower as soon as they mature. Feminized seeds produce only female plants that result in bud but not seed production. It is not really correct to contrapose these notions because seeds can be both autoflowering and feminized, meaning they flower automatically and produce female flowers (buds), or neither of them. In general, if you want maximum harvest and potency from your yield, plant feminized seeds. If you are looking for quick crops and have little cultivation experience, opt for autoflowering seeds. The advantages of the best feminized seeds are that they have more THC, let you take clones and keep mothers, and allow you to save on electricity. The strong sides of autoflowers are that they withstand harsh climates when grown outdoors, allow you to have several consecutive harvests per season, and finish faster.
Feminized seeds are made by breeding 2 female weed plants together. Since there are no male parents, all the resulting seeds will be bud-producing female plants. You don’t need to worry because these seeds ensure that every plant is female from germination. However, there is no 100% guarantee, and, in single cases, a feminized seed may still grow to become a male plant. For this reason, gardeners should keep an eye on their plants as they mature. If they see that pollen sacs start to form, which is characteristic of male plants, they should remove this plant before it accidentally pollinates and ruins your female cannabis plants.