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If you are new to the cannabis market, autoflower seeds are the best choice for you. While they are also the most appealing option for seasoned growers, they offer the quickest growth and do not require lots of knowledge and effort from cultivators. As the name suggests, autoflower marijuana seeds produce plants that flower on their own.

The flowering window is usually between 2 and 4 weeks. The best thing about these seeds is you won't need to worry about switching the light schedule to initiate and support the flowering phase like you would do if you choose other types of seeds. They harvest sooner, produce higher yields, are easier to grow, and are more manageable in size compared to feminized seeds. Constantly monitoring the market, we collect the best autoflower seeds delivered by only trusted manufacturers.

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Blueberry Yum Yum Seeds
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Gorilla Cake Seeds
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  • 4oz - 18oz (100g - 500g) Yields
  • Continental, Mediterranean, Sunny, Temperate Climate
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Banana Kush Seeds
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  • Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate continental Climate
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Wedding Cake Seeds
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24K Gold Seeds
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Acapulco Gold Seeds
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  • Temperate, Sunny, Cool Climate
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Agent Orange Seeds
  • Hybrid Type
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  • Temperate, Sunny Climate
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Ak420 Seeds
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Aurora Seeds
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Banana Blaze Seeds
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Banana Seeds
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Bcn Power Plant Seeds
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Big Bang Seeds
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Big Devil 2 Seeds
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Traditionally, most cannabis seeds have a pretty complicated flowering process that depends primarily on light cycles that growers must recreate. At least, that’s how it used to be just a few decades ago. The discovery of autoflower weed seeds has changed everything. The name speaks for itself – these seeds flower automatically. Their flowering isn’t linked to light cycles and takes place at a certain point of plant maturity, typically, after just a few weeks. This allows to quickly grow medical cannabis for treating a variety of medical conditions, including depression, anxiety, and more (study).

Autoflowering Seeds Explained

The automatic bud development in marijuana plants resulted from crossing Indica and Sativa strains with Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis are a species of plant native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. The climate is traditionally colder in these regions, and the light cycles are shorter throughout the year, which is why Cannabis ruderalis strains had to adapt and develop the ability to flower regardless of light cycles. That's where the unique autoflowering feature originates from.

autoflower weed seeds

Why Opt for Autoflowering Seeds?

When deciding what kind of seeds to buy, growers should consider multiple factors. Here’s a short overview of the core pros and cons of autoflowers.


  • Compact but sturdy plants – While some cannabis plants can grow enormous (2-3 meters), autoflowers retain a small or medium size. At the same time, the plants are quite sturdy.
  • Any growing conditions – Autoflowers can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, which makes them suitable for growers across all regions.
  • Simple and quick grow-to-harvest process – Since autoflowers bloom automatically and don’t require much effort or attention from a grower, they are great for beginners and growers who don’t want to spend much time on their plants. Apart from the simplicity, these seeds offer growers a record-breaking 50-day period from seed to harvest. Thus, if you buy autoflower seeds, you can also harvest multiple crops within one season.


  • Smaller harvest – The shorter time from seed to harvest and the smaller size of autoflowers mean lower yield.
  • Lower THC levels – Traditionally, autoflowers are considered to be low-potent. This is true in most cases. However, newer generations of such plants strive to deliver the same THC levels as traditional photoperiod plants.

How Much Do Autoflower Seeds Yield?

On average, most autoflower plants are smaller than 1 meter and can only yield 10 to 50 grams per plant. Such a small yield is typical for a small plant with a fast seed-to-harvest time.

However, it’s worth noting that the volumes of yield depend on a variety of factors, including the strain type and the environment you create for your plants. For example, plants that are grown outdoors usually yield more – on average, 80-180 grams per plant. And super autos can yield even more – between 200 and 300 grams per plant, but only if you create the perfect environment for them.

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Before you start searching for suitable autoflower seeds for sale, it’s important to understand how these plants are grown. In this section of our article, we will guide you through the seed-to-harvest process in detail.


Although they are very simple in flowering, autos are quite demanding in terms of germination. Germinating these seeds in less-than-ideal conditions can significantly decrease the chances of sprouting. Simply put, germinating your seeds in the wrong conditions can literally kill them.

To do things right, first of all, you should store them correctly. If you are planning to germinate your seeds within the next few days, we recommend keeping them in a cool and completely dark place. If you need to store your seeds for longer, put them in an airtight container and put them in a fridge set to 42-46°F (or 6-8°C). The ideal humidity level for storage should be between 20-30%.

During the germination process, you need to maintain the perfect conditions – keep the humidity as close to 80-90% as possible and maintain the temperature between 69-78°F (or 21-26°C). As for the germination method, the most common ones for autoflowers include:

  • Soaking overnight in water;
  • Paper towel method;
  • Using a germination chamber
  • Using rockwool cubes and peat pellets.

You can choose a method that feels right to you. Nevertheless, the paper towel method and soaking in water are believed to be the easiest and best for autoflower seeds.

autoflower seeds for sale


As you already know, the core benefit of autoflowers is that they don’t require a specific light cycle to flower. Thus, setting up specific lighting isn’t mandatory. However, it can help you achieve better results.

According to experienced growers, increasing the amount of light that autoflower plants intake positively affects the plant’s growth and yield. Thus, if you want to achieve greater results, be sure to maximize the daylight your plants’ intake – 20/4 and 18/6 light cycles are the best. But you should strive to recreate at least a 16/8 light cycle.


Typically, growers use four types of soil substrates for autoflowers:

  • Organic;
  • Coco;
  • Worm castings;
  • Mixture.

Although each of these options has certain pros, we recommend choosing organic soil. Although nutrient-dense soils can provide good results, they can also “burn” low-nutrient-dependent autoflowering cannabis. Therefore, organic soil that has fewer nutrients will simplify the growth process and help you achieve desired results.


Growers who deal with autoflower cannabis have to pay particular attention to humidity levels in order to obtain optimal results. As was already mentioned, the humidity should be set to 80-90% during the germination process. At the vegetative stage, you need to lower it to 50-60%. Finally, during the flowering stage, you should keep humidity at 40%.


Just like humidity levels, the right temperature is also crucial for autoflower plants. The perfect temperature range for such plants is between 68°F and 78°F (or 20°C and 25°C).


As was mentioned earlier, autoflowering cannabis has a fairly low nutrient dependency. Simply put, these plants aren’t demanding and only require a quarter of the nutrients that you will traditionally use for regular seeds. This is mostly due to their small size and fast growth cycle, and this is something you should always keep in mind when growing them.

We recommend starting with tiny amounts of nutrients and only increasing them if you see signs of nutrient deficiency, such as when leaf veins and margins remain green around the yellow interveinal areas. Otherwise, the core tip would be not to over-fertilize your plants.


Autoflower weed plants require sufficient water without overfeeding. Experienced growers recommend sticking to a regular schedule of watering and always ensuring that the growing medium is dry before you water the plant again. Otherwise, you risk facing additional issues such as root rot and suffocation.

Special attention should be paid to the pH of water. The perfect pH level for such plants is between 6-7 (for soil growth) and 5.5-6.5 (for hydroponic growth). Once you pick a suitable pH level, make sure to stick to it and avoid fluctuations.

Extra Tips on How to Grow Autoflower Seeds and Maximize Your Yield

Even if you buy the best autoflower seeds, the quality and volume of yield will depend on what environment you create for your plants and how you grow them. In this section, we have gathered some of the best tips for indoor and outdoor growing of autoflowers from expert growers.


  • Maximize light intake – Unlike growing your plants outdoors, when you do it indoors, your plants don’t get much sunlight. Since we are talking about autoflowers, you don’t really have to adjust lighting when growing them indoors. However, we recommend increasing light intake throughout the entire lifecycle to get the biggest yield.
  • Pick strains with first-class genetics – Such strains are more suitable for indoor growth. Thus, if you buy them, you will be able to get the best quality and yield possible.
  • Ensure proper ventilation – Adequate ventilation is one of a few things that have a significant impact on the indoor yield of autoflower seeds, so be sure to use this tip and pay special attention to ventilation.
  • Don’t overdo – This tip applies to everything. From watering to fertilizing your plants – be sure not to overdo it to get the best results.


  • Grow stealthily – The best thing about autoflowers is that they are very compact in size. This fact makes them perfect for stealthy and micro-growers. Use this to your benefit and plant your seeds on a balcony or behind short fences.
  • Avoid extreme colds – These seeds should not be exposed to extreme colds. The warm Mediterranean is the best climate for growing autoflowers outdoors.
  • Train your plants – Autoflowers are perfect for training, so be sure to use this to your benefit. You can train your plants using both the screen of green (SROG) and the sea of green (SOG) methods and, thus, increase your yield.

autoflowering seeds

Are Autoflower Seeds Feminized?

Yes, the majority of autoflowering seeds for sale are feminized. Yet, the genetics of these plants is still different from feminized photoperiod seeds, as autos don’t require changes in light cycles.

Top 3 Autoflower Cannabis Seeds for Sale

If you are now positive that autoflower seeds are exactly what you are looking for, let us give you a few quick recommendations on the best seeds:

1. Amnesia Kush

These seeds are considered the easiest to grow. Thus, Amnesia Kush autoflower is one of the most sought-after auto flower seeds for sale among beginner growers. Apart from being easy to grow, these seeds offer growers a generous yield of 400-500 grams per plant.

2. Cereal Milk

These seeds are known for producing delicious buds that have undertones of cereals, fruits, and nuts. Growers love Cereal Milk seeds for ease of growth, fast time from seed to harvest, and generous yield. Also, we love them for their moderate THC content.

3. Fucking Incredible

The name speaks for itself – this strain has long gained the affection of growers thanks to its excellent quality, mildly euphoric and relaxing effect, and deep, sweet flavor. Also, growers love Fucking Incredible autoflower for cultivation flexibility, simplicity, and resistance, which makes it good for growers of all levels.

4. Grand Daddy Purple

These seeds are easy enough to grow, which makes Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower a favorite of beginner growers. Plants yield up to 400 g and contain only 13% THC in buds.


So these are the best seeds that you can purchase in the USA. You can learn more about each type on our website and even find links to stores where you can order all these seeds online.

Frequently asked questions about Autoflower

The flowering period of normal cannabis seeds depends on the changes in the amount of sunlight they receive each day. Gardeners who grow seeds indoors should recreate these natural conditions with special timers and lights. With autoflowering marijuana seeds, cultivators don’t need to change light cycles since these plants bloom automatically 7-10 weeks after germination. They can grow under 20 hours of daily light and don’t necessarily need a dark cycle. You can reach better results with 20/4 and 18/6 light cycles. Autos are one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow marijuana and a good option for beginners seeking a low-maintenance growing experience.
If you live in a U.S. state with legal medical or adult cannabis use, you can buy autoflowering seeds from online seed banks and in brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Online vendors offer multiple autoflower seeds for sale, so you can choose a breeder and a strain you want from top-quality varieties and cup winners. Convenient tools and filters will help you find a seed bank near your current location or cheap autoflower seeds online. As a rule, dispensaries don’t focus on seed sales and may not have a knowledgeable staff to give you information on growing. To avoid legal issues, it is better to order super autoflower seeds from U.S. suppliers because international shipments are in the legal gray area.
Autoflower weed seeds look like feminized photoperiod weed seeds and produce top-quality marijuana. However, there is no need to reduce daily light hours to 12 to initiate their blooming period since flowering happens automatically. They are a good choice for growers who want to get multiple crops in a single season and don’t want to spend much time doing it. These plants can be short or medium-sized, grow well in small spaces, and have a quick grow-to-harvest time. They are compact and suitable for greenhouses and outdoor and indoor growing conditions. The potential downside of this weed is that it is less potent.
More people prefer growing autos due to the combination of several factors, such as speed, simplicity of growth, and quality buds. Indoor cultivation is ideal for autoflowers. A temperature of 68-78°F (20-25°C) is adequate for these plants. The humidity level should be 80% during the germination phase and 50% when the weed reaches its vegetative stage. The 20/4 light cycle and proper ventilation will optimize its growth. Avoid multiple plant repotting. When cultivating autoflowers outdoors, check there is no extreme cold. The best option is a warm Mediterranean climate of 78°F (25°C) and organic soil that drains well. Don’t top the plants when they are in bloom. Stick to a regular watering schedule and consider a suitable pH level (5.5-6.5 for a hydroponic grow and 6.0-7.0 for soil).
Autoflowers have been created by crossbreeding Sativa and Indica plants with ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is a wild weed sub-species that originates from cold altitudes where summer is short but provides many hours of daylight (for example, in Northern Europe). The word “ruderalis” comes from German, meaning “weed that grows on the side of the road.” Nowadays, this cannabis has evolved and doesn’t rely on daylight hours to start flowering, so this process occurs according to age. Ruderalis is not useful on its own as it produces low yields with buds that lack THC, but breeders discovered that it could be crossbred with Sativa and Indica strains to make them autoflowers. Today’s autoflowering seeds for sale feature higher THC levels and have been stabilized to produce feminized autoflower genetics.