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Indica strains have relaxing and sedative effects. They are the preferred choice of medicinal cannabis users. For those who want to relieve any type of pain, reduce stress, and control anxiety flare-ups, Indicas are a perfect choice.

Due to the relaxing effects, an Indica plant is preferred for nighttime use. You can use it to battle insomnia since it’s very likely to send you into a deep, relaxing sleep. That being said, an Indica is not the usual choice when you’re after creativity- and focus-inducing weed.

The common side effects include headaches, dizziness, decreased blood pressure, and lethargy.

These plants are also used for breeding hybrids since they are mild down the euphoric effects of Sativas.

The plant is “bushier” and shorter than a Sativa. Its buds are typically very dense. It’s suitable for indoor growing. When nurtured outdoors, Indica plants prefer colder climates with short seasons. Their flowering cycles are shorter when compared to Sativas.

You should keep in mind that the classification of Indica vs. Sativa is not preferred in scientific circles. Scientists are more interested in the contents of terpenes and cannabinoids in the plants. But for those of us who aren’t scientists, this classification is quite useful. Although not all Indicas have a sedating effect, the majority of them do.

On average, Indicas have similar THC contents with Sativas. When trying to choose a particular Indica plant, you should look at the THC levels. Beginners should never start with high THC levels.

This is precisely why you should read reviews of the specific Indica strain you plan to use. It will have unique properties when compared to all other Indicas.

For you, we made these lists of Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, and other hybrid strains.

Or take a look at the pure Sativa plant list that we compiled for you.

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