What Is Cannabis Transdermal Patch? Reviews of Best 8 Patches

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What Is Cannabis Transdermal Patch? Reviews of Best 8 Patches

When it comes to methods of MMJ consumption, it's not only about smoking. You can vape marijuana cartridges, absorb tinctures sublingually, eat edibles, put CBD-enriched lotions, etc. — some of these methods are more popular, others are less popular, and all of them have both pros and cons. There is another method of marijuana consumption which is extremely simple and has almost no flaws — we're talking about the transdermal patches (you've probably heard of nicotine patches if you are a smoker; cannabis patches are very similar to this product). Transdermal patches allow cannabidiol or tetrahydrocannabinol to be absorbed directly into the blood, they are almost perfect for pain relief purposes, and they are not that expensive (the latter applies to most but not to all of them). Want to know more? Then continue reading this guide — our experts will answer all your questions and talk about the best patches available on market today.

Cannabis Transdermal Patches: What Are They and How They Work

As we’ve said, they are very similar to nicotine patches and actually to all the other drug patches. They are called "transdermal" because they deliver the medication (cannabidiol or cannabinol) through the skin. There are also dermal patches that deliver the medication into the skin, but that's not how cannabinoids work — cannabinoids must be delivered into the blood to work, that's why dermal patches are not an option when it comes to this drug.

There are five types of patches, but this list narrows down to two when we are talking about MMJ — "reservoir" and "matrix". The first system has a layer of a suspension that contains CBD or THC, separated by the adhesive. The matrix system, in turn, has a layer of CBD surrounded by the adhesive. What does it mean for you? Well, in short, here's what you need to know: the "reservoir" system releases the drug at a constant rate, and the "matrix" system provides a tapered release. So, if you want the cannabinoids to be released at a stable rate, reservoir patches are the best option.

All the patches look different — some of them are square and the others are round, and you can have them in different colors and designs. But they all work similarly, they all must be placed on the skin, and they all last for roughly the same amount of time (usually 4-8 hours, but there are also extra durable patches that last up to 72 or even 96 hours). They all are extremely easy to use — you only have to place them in an area with a high concentration of veins or in an area with pain and wait for 5-15 minutes, that's all.

CBD patches are much more popular than THC patches. Products that contain THC will make you high, and the CBD patches are perfect for pain relief, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory purposes. The coolest thing about the patches is that with them, you can get 100% of cannabidiol. The point is, cannabidiol is filtered by the lungs when you smoke weed, but when you use patches, it is absorbed into the blood without any filtration.

As for the effects, well, the patches work exactly like any other MMJ consumption method — you either get high or feel relieved and relaxed, it's simple as that. It makes sense that the products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol will make you high, so they have all the other effects of cannabis. For example, you will most likely feel hungry after putting your patch — your body will need sugar and your brain will produce the hormone called ghrelin, that's why you'll want to find something tasty to eat. The same goes for the side effects — unfortunately, such problems as dry mouth still can occur. But they are extremely rare, so don't worry about them. You can buy cannabis transdermal patches in medical dispensary near you.

Pros and Cons


  1. Time-released relief — you put the patch and forget about it for 6-8 or 72-96 hours, that's how the transdermal delivery works. It's just perfect for people who need to treat pain. Patches do target the whole body, that's another reason why patients with chronic pain prefer this consumption method.
  2. This delivery method is the best for beginners and the simplest method in general — the users do only need 1-2 minutes to put the patch on, and it's really that fast and convenient (especially compared with tinctures).
  3. Both THC and CBD products are not that expensive — the price depends on the manufacturer, on the website you are using to make the purchase, and on some other factors, but it's possible to buy a patch for as low as $10 today.
  4. It's extremely simple to stop its work. If you feel like it's too much, you only have to peel it off, that's all. It's much easier than stopping the effects of a joint or of an edible!
  5. The increase in appetite is probably the most popular effect of weed, and despite you'll still feel a little hungry after putting your patch on, you won't feel like you haven't eaten anything for 3 days. It's a mild hunger, but nothing more serious than that. We believe that this is another benefit of this product because you won't have to count your calories after using the patch. Thousands of MMJ users have a problem with eating lots of sugar after they smoke or vape, but those who use patches shouldn’t worry about it.
  6. Smoking is always harmful, and marijuana smoke is bad for your lungs, too. Patches, however, are perfectly safe — no smoke, no carcinogens, and no toxins are released when you put up the transdermal patch.


  1. Transdermal patches are most effective for mild pain, not for severe pain. If one has severe pain, it would be wise to consider other consumption methods, not just patches.
  2. The market lacks quantity. Unfortunately, patches are not very popular so far, and right now, the number of products is not too high.

Top-8 Cannabis Patches Reviews

There are tens of transdermal patches available on the market. It’s not that easy to understand which ones are better and which ones are not worth the money, especially for beginners. Here, we’ll talk about the 8 best transdermal patches and help you to choose the right product!

Mary’s Medicinals Patch

Mary’s Medicinals PatchMary's Medicinals is a Colorado marijuana brand and it offers a lot of MMJ products. These patches are one of these products — and according to tens of customer reviews, these patches are one of the best options on the market. The company offers both THC and CBD products, as well as the items with CBN, so the assortment is quite wide and every cannabis user will find something interesting by Mary's Medicinals.

This product works great — according to lots of reviews, you can expect up to 6 hours of relief. It's "feeling relief", not "getting high" — because this product was designed for those who need MMJ to relieve pain. Mary's Medicinals products are really one of the best options one can find — however, there is always room for improvement. The most important thing to improve is the assortment of dosages — right now, the doses are not high enough (if you are an experienced user, 10 mg patches will most likely be weak for you).

Pure Ratios Topical Hemp

Pure Ratios Topical Hemp

This product is actually called a 96-hour patch, so it provides a really long-lasting delivery of cannabinoids (there is 40mg of cannabidiol here). It's an additive-free reservoir type patch with a waterproof layer, and it has great customer ratings. It's not as expensive as the previous product by Mary's Medicinals, but it's still worth the money. It's all about the dosage — 40mg of CBD is enough for an average user to get pain relief for up to 4 days (only in case if there is no severe pain; if there is severe pain, the patch will work for up to 24 hours, but of course, it depends on the type of pain). The patches by Pure Ratios are certainly worth trying — they last the whole time and its adhesive layer is very strong, so the patch won't budge even if you use it for 96 hours.

Specktra 96-Hour Relief

Specktra 96-Hour ReliefSpecktra is not the biggest CBD products company in the United States, but its products are still worth it. These 60mg patches are very long-lasting (the manufacturer stated that 1 patch can last up to 96 hours or 4 days), quite cheap ($14.90 for 1 patch), and hypoallergenic. Specktra patches can help people with chronic pain, arthritis pain, and migraine; they stay on through 3-4 showers; they are very easy to apply; they cause no irritation when applied. It's a very good product, and we can definitely recommend it, especially since it's also quite cheap.

Papa & Barkley Patch

Papa & Barkley Patch

Each patch from Papa&Barkley contains oils and 30mg of CBD. It's another patch designed to provide relief, and according to the manufacturer, its effects last for up to 12 hours. These patches come in 4 ratios: 3:1, 1:1, and full CBD. It's up to you which one to choose, but according to some real customers, the 3:1 version works better than the other available options. It's a great product for those who want to feel relaxed and for those who suffer from chronic or even severe pain, but it's a bit more expensive than most patches from our list ($20 for 1 badge).

Nano 101

Nano 101

Nano 101 patches are made by NanoCBD company, and the coolest thing about them is that each one contains 20mg of cannabidiol. These patches are less potent than the previous products from our list, so it's not that they can provide relief for 4 days or more — they can only provide 12-14 hours of CBD delivery. Nano 101 is a great option for muscle and joint pain, and of course, it can reduce inflammation.

Trokie Relief

Trokie Relief

Trokie patches must be placed in the area with pain. Each patch contains 25mg of CBD and can relieve pain for up to 12 hours. They can be cut into small pieces if it's needed. These patches also contain lidocaine which reduces pain, too. There is no tetrahydrocannabinol in these patches, so this product is a pain reliever that won't make you high.

In short, Trokie patches are perfect for pain relief. They are quite long-lasting (12 hours is a maximum for 20-25mg of cannabidiol), and they really work great, according to the customers. So, we can recommend this product to everyone — it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely very good.

Be Calm by the GoodPatch

Be Calm by the GoodPatch

The GoodPatch company offers a wide choice of patches, both cannabis-infused and cannabis-free ones. We highly recommend their Be Calm products — each one contains 15mg of premium CBD and menthol, which means they are not too potent. 1 patch costs $12, and this is a nice price for a product that can last up to 12 hours. Be Calm is a great option for every person who wants to feel relieved, that's all we can say about it.

MUV Evolve THC Patch

MUV Evolve THC Patch

The patch by the MUV company has 20mg of THC (not CBD!), and it can deliver the dose over 3 days, which is just great. It costs $15, which is not a high price for a high-quality THC patch — such products are quite rare. It's a very good patch for nausea treatment and pain management, but it can also make you high (let's say that getting high is a form of pain relief). It provides a very good high that feels mellow, but it's not as strong as, say, edibles. It's certainly a perfect choice for any beginner.

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