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About 1906

The company has got its name from the year the Wiley Act was voted in. This Pure Food and Drug Act started the era of cannabis prohibition. The brand was created with a mission to give cannabis a new status and make a mainstream.

Established in 2015, the brand focuses on edibles. It has created 6 formulations and uses moderately-dosed cannabis. The names of these formulas are Chill, Genius, Midnight, Love, Bliss, and Go, which stand for the produced effects.

To reduce the time when the edibles start acting, the vendor employs a fast-acting technology. Due to its patented lipid microencapsulation process, the products take 20 minutes to act after ingestion. Also, the manufacturer uses more accurate doses to deliver more predictable and consistent effects.

To make potent and quality products, 1906 combines plant medicines and pesticide-free cannabis for every batch. It uses exclusively single strains, either Sativa or Indica. All goods are lab-tested for chemicals and contaminants. The brand uses natural ingredients and enriches edibles with amazing flavors to mask the cannabis scent.

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Its product made me forget about sleepless nights. I had a terrible insomnia, I felt like a zombie. it seemed to me that all my strength had left me. but I tried Midnight product and all the problems were solved. I am now enjoying my healthy sleep

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I like to please myself from time to time and enjoy these edibles. There must be pleasant moments in life. They taste unreal. I choose Chill for myself because I need to leave my stress and relax after work and get some reboot

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Love, love, love– this edible from 1906 is one my love. This is the greatest aphrodisiac I have ever met. My boyfriend told me about it. Now this Love became our common favorite sweets. Try it too. You will like it.

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Personally, Im a big fan of edibles. I like to consume cannabis in this form. I have already tasted a large number of edibles, but this company offered me the most delicious. Its very cool to eat delicious food and get a nice effect

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Wow, 1906 just makes dreams come true. I have long been trying to find the best edibli for myself. some of them did not suit my taste, others had a negative effect on my body. And these edibles impressed me pleasantly.

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Their dubs hit pretty fast, and if you're a seasoned pothead, two dubs will put you on a ride for at least three hours. Although 2.5mg THC per dub is quite enough to fix you up, based on my experience.

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Their customer service is amazing. I had some issues with a late shippment, and it turned out that the carrier made a mistake. I didnt know that, so I called CS and they saw the whole thing through with the carrier.

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The drops act very fast, and you dont need more than one.

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One of few brands that uses so many different herbal ingredients in their edibles.

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Nice packaging. I can fit it in my pocket easily.

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Not my cup of tea…

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