About Us

AskGrowers is far more than a simple cannabis product news outlet. We are a tightly-knit group of cannabis connoisseurs, industry journalists, growers, manufacturers, and industry fans. We are on a mission to keep our community informed of the ever-growing selection of сannabis product offerings available and the stories behind the people innovating the cannabis space. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned patron, you will find a home here amongst our readers.

Our motivation at AskGrowers.com is to introduce our readers to the voices and personalities behind the brands. Ever since the regulatory environment changed, thousands of manufacturer licenses have been issued each and every year, and we strive to give every last brand a chance to share their rating process, interact with consumers, and share their respective journeys. We are excited to ensure every last producer has a voice and a platform to share their story with their consumers.

Our vision extends far beyond simply providing helpful information to beginners and blossoming consumers. We aim to conduct our own research and create a dialogue, unifying and connecting cannabis professionals and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and create a leading cannabis marketplace. At AskGrowers.com, all legal-age consumers can easily connect with local growers and brand leaders, giving them secure access to legal cannabis throughout their region.

Our Goals

Help Consumers

At AskGrowers, we educate consumers and provide an in-depth introduction to cannabis for newcomers and experienced connoisseurs alike. Our dream is for our clients to learn more about the various cannabis strains, brands, products and manufacturers available to them, and facilitate safe and reliable connections between them and retailers.

Help Businesses

The cannabis industrial marketplace would not exist without brand partners and cannabis retailers. AskGrowers provides an opportunity for global and local businesses to build awareness of your offerings and processes. Our online platform builds brand exposure and helps manufacturers tell customers about their products and the philosophy behind them.

Help Growers

We help both novice and experienced growers looking to enter the ever-expanding legal cannabis industry. We are here to act as your growing encyclopedia, telling you everything you need to know about cannabis growing, from seed, to harvest, to cultivation and more.

Cannabis Industry Overview

In the USA, both medical and recreational cannabis is gradually expanding state-by-state. However, each state has its own licensing rules with no encompassing nationwide brands. Here you will find regional grower and manufacturer profiles, top brands and products (everything from flower to cookies), where to buy them, and informative customer reviews.

AskGrowers Blog

To provide readers with up-to-date, verified information, our team conducts market research, communicates with cannabis brands and business owners, examines complex issues and monitors trends in the industry. In our team of authors: Tia Moskalenko, Lana Braslavskaia, Denis Svirepchuk, Helga Green, Anastasia. Also, you can find articles by Irene Stepanenko, CEO of AskGrowers and Igor Dunaevsky, Managing Partner. We regularly invite cannabis journalists for special projects, among them: Chris Kudialis, Dante Jordan, Ocean Malandra, Adam Pallay and others.

Would you like to join our team as a writer? Email us [email protected]!