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AskGrowers is an online cannabis platform for consumers to learn all about the many types of cannabis products and methods of use. It’s also a directory that helps consumers discover and explore the best stores to find specific cannabis products, with listings that include current prices and up-to-date customer reviews. We offer businesses honest cooperation opportunities through strategic placement on our platform.

AskGrowers was founded in 2019 by Igor Dunaevsky, a cannabis aficionado and experienced digital marketing professional. Igor’s passion for the plant inspired him to gather like-minded professionals and embark on a mission to create mutually beneficial and transparent business relationships in the industry. AskGrowers has offices in New York, USA and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Founder and Managing Partner Igor Dunaevsky
Chief Executive Officer Irene Stepanenko
Chief Product Officer Denys Svirepchuk
PR specialist Lana Braslavska
Communication specialist Tia Moskalenko

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Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry
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Partnerships, collaborations and testimonials

AskGrowers has unique distribution agreements with renowned financial media website Benzinga as well as award-winning health and lifestyle outlet Fresh Toast. Our collaboration with each of these influential cannabis media partners indicates that AskGrowers is making a significant impact in educating the public and creating useful content for the cannabis community.

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Media contacts
PR specialist Lana Braslavska
PR specialist Karen Laverty