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Located in Camp Verde, Arizona, Abundant Organics is a medical marijuana brand and has been in the cannabis industry for more than 25 years. They cater to all users’ needs by producing rosin, marijuana buds and flowers, solventless hash, concentrates, cartridges and jars. The brand breeds over 30 strains using organic cannabis: Banana Jack OG, Gorilla Glue #4, Kush Sorbet, Grand Daddy Purple, Locomotion, and Pineapple Crush, and many more. The strains they grow possess a high level of terpenes such as pinene, linalool, limonene, myrcene, and borneol. All of them are beneficial to human health and help cope with stress, anxiety, seizures, pain, inflammation, and other debilitating conditions. All plants are grown naturally on the native farm under exceptional conditions and are hand-trimmed. Its cannabis products are free of chemical, fertilizers, insecticides, solvents, colorings, or other harmful additives. These goods have placed anywhere from 1st to 3rd in The Errol Cup, an Arizona cannabis competition.

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  1. Allan

    I like their flower. It is very potent and quite tasty. I have ordered from them on several occasions and everything is always smooth. Their products have helped deal with my daily pain and anxiety and I feel much better each day. Great products, quality customer service and affordable prices.

  2. Allen

    Great store that stocks everything that you need. I have been buying from them for a few years now and everything is always in order. They have very polite and great customer service. they are quite informative and will make sure that you are comfortable with your purchase. This is a brand that I highly recommend.

  3. Ford

    Very nice service from a local seller. They have offered me a lot of cannabis grow information and I feel confident to grow my own plants now. All their products are very nice and are at a much lower price than I expected. I will be making more purchases in future.

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