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Agrijuana is one of the leading cultivators of highly potent cannabis strains. These Cannabis producers are headquartered at Battle Ground, Clark County, Washington. The plants are grown in 100% natural environments using energy-efficient LED light technology that brings out their full genetic potential and effects. Agrijuana engages only sustainable practices that make them effective and carbon friendly. The main motive of this brand is to “think green” and deliver top-quality cannabis products to its customers. Agrijuana sources and supplies cannabis products to several locations across Washington.

Why Choose Agrijuana

Here’s why you should choose Agrijuana for your cannabis products:

Pure and natural: The cultivators at Agrijuana strive to produce pure and fresh cannabis strains. They make use of the natural surroundings and substances to give you 100% organic, vegan, and chemical-free products.

The Green way: Agrijuana takes pride in contributing to the environment by thinking green in everything that they undertake. So you can rest assured that the products do not harm mother Nature in any way.

Handled by experts: Agrijuana has some of the best expert cultivators and processors on their team. Right from the cultivation to lighting and temperature settings are handled by experts and experienced members.

LED light technology: Agrijuana uses its own latest and innovative LED light technology to grow their cannabis strains. The lighting facilities have been thoroughly tested, researched and executed by some of the leading engineers in the industry.

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User Reviews

  1. Janet

    I absolutely love Flex-420 topical cream for my restless legs! I cream it on the bottoms of my feet every night & no longer suffer through the night with pain or muscle aches. The lavendar is my favorite.

  2. Ryan

    Great selection of quality flower year round. 3 - .5g prerolls per pack and Roll-Your-Own 10g ground up flower. Olio olive oil and top-i-go topicals. Flex-all 420 in menthol and lavender for soar muscles. Distillate oils with botanical derived terpenes and cannabis derived terpenes.

  3. Jenny

    I like to try different cosmetics. I couldnt even imagine that cannabis can be used in creams or cosmetics. I just tried moisturizing cream and I loved it so much, Im gonna order one more. My skin said me: thank you)

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